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Evolution of Therapeutic Decision-Making for Advanced Squamous Cell Lung Cancer (SqCLC)
December 03, 2018 | Online


Squamous cell and non-squamous cell lung cancer are largely different diseases biologically. Until recently, squamous cell lung cancer has remained an unmet need, as chemotherapy advances had plateaued and targeted therapy for oncogene-driven cancers had almost exclusively been relegated to adenocarcinoma subsets. However, in the last three years checkpoint immunotherapy has revolutionized the approach to squamous lung cancer, both in the 2nd line and now the 1st line setting. Additionally, uncommon subsets of oncogene-driven squamous cancers may be candidates for targeted therapy, such as those harboring HER family mutations.

What you should expect to learn

  • Create awareness of new treatment advances in the management of squamous cell lung cancer.
  • Discuss recent developments in the integration of Checkpoint inhibition immunotherapy for squamous cell lung cancer.
  • Identify potential new targeted therapy for uncommon subsets of oncogene-driven squamous cancers.

In this one hour presentation, Dr. Gandara will highlight new findings in the biology of squamous lung cancers leading to therapeutic advance. Following the presentation, there will be ample time for questions, comments and discussion with Dr.Gandara and Dr. Govindan.

David R. Gandara, MD
Professor of Medicine Emeritus
Director, Thoracic Oncology
Senior Advisor to the Director
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

 Ramaswamy Govindan, MD - Program Chair

Director, Section of Medical Oncology
Professor of Medicine
Anheuser-Busch Endowed Chair in Medical Oncology
Director, Section of Oncology
Washington University School of Medicine