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IASLC Exclusive Webinar: Impact of COVID-19 on the Diagnostic Workup of Lung Cancer
May 11, 2020 | Online


The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous challenges with the management of lung cancer, not the least of which is the initial diagnosis. The computer tomography scans, typically used in the diagnostic workup, can be obfuscated by the COVID-19 radiologic features therefore this webinar will discuss the best practices on how to distinguish the two. Bronchoscopic and other invasive diagnostic procedures can potentially spread SARS-CoV-2 so there will be a presentation on the precautions that need to be taken in order to reduce exposure risk during these procedures. Once tissue is obtained it needs to be safely handled prior to fixation and then processed for histologic and molecular evaluation, the third topic of the webinar. Finally, an infection disease expert will give an update on COVID-19 and present the implications on SARS-CoV-2 testing in lung cancer patients.

  • Are Radiological Features of COVID-19 Distinguishable From Common Thoracic Pathologies? - Edward Patz, MD
  • Diagnostic Procedures and Precautions - Joachim Aerts, MD, PhD
  • Tissue Handling and Molecular Diagnostics - Lynette Sholl, MD
  • Updates on Sequelae of COVID-19 and How to Interpret Testing Results - Paul Antharajah Tambyah, MD

Format:  Sequential presentations by the faculty followed by discussion and questions/answers.

What you should expect to learn

At the conclusion of this webinar, learners will have improved their ability to make decisions regarding the diagnostic work up for patients presenting with suspected lung cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The content of this webinar is primarily designed for radiologists, pulmonologists, and pathologists and others involved in the diagnostic workup of suspected lung cancer; however, all clinicians and nurses involved in the care of thoracic oncology patients as well as patient advocates will obtain valuable education from these presentations.



Daniel SW Tan, MD - Moderator
Senior ConsultantDivision of Medical OncologyNational Cancer Centre Singapore
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA.



Edward (Ned) F. Patz, Jr., MD
James and Alice Chen Professor of Radiology
Professor in Pharmacology and Cancer Biology
Duke University Health System



Joachim Aerts, MD, PhD
Head, Department of Pulmonary Medicine
Erasmus MC
University Medical Centre
Rotterdam, Netherlands



Lynnette M. Sholl, MD
Associate Pathologist
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Associate Professor
Harvard Medical School



Paul Anantharajah Tambyah, MD
Professor of Medicine
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University of Singapore
Senior Consultant Infectious Diseases Physician, National University Health System


No one involved in the planning or presentation of this activity has disclosed a relevant financial relationship.

Planning Chair:
  • Daniel SW Tan, MD, Singapore
  • Edward F. Patz, Jr., MD, United States
  • Joachim Aerts, MD, PhD, Netherlands
  • Lynnette M. Sholl, MD, United States
  • Paul Anantharajah Tambyah, MD, SIngapore
  • Murry Wynes, PhD, United States
  • Kirsten Black, PhD, United States


IASLC CME Department