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Liquid Biopsy for the Management of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
January 16, 2018 | Online


There has been a proliferation of liquid biopsy tests in the last few years. A range of tests are now available, from single mutation assays to sequencing panels of multiple genes. The sheer number of new liquid biopsy platforms poses a challenge for clinicians to understand the test characteristics and limitations of the assays, and this leads to questions such as which test to use, how to use them and under what circumstances to use them. This webinar will discuss the current status and standard use of tissue biopsy, including when it is appropriate to employ both tissue and liquid biopsy.

In this program we will identify and assess the more widely-available liquid biopsy tests and answer the questions raised above. We will also address the ultimate question as to what is the current reference standard and approach to lung cancer biopsy.

Professor Tony Mok, 

Chairman, Department of Clinical Oncology
The Chinese University of Hong Kong