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Radiotherapy Options in Patients with Brain Metastases from NSCLC
September 15, 2017 | Online


In this webinar will discuss the optimal management of patients affected with brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). A specific portion of the presentation will be dedicated to patients with gene-addicted tumors, where indication for radiotherapy and/or integration with systemic therapies raises specific issues.

What you should expect to learn

After viewing this program attendees will:

  • Identify prognostic factors in patients affected with brain metastases from NSCLC;
  • Discuss the optimal management of patients with brain metastases and NSCLC, specifically addressing the therapeutic contribution of different options of radiotherapy (WBI, SRS, SRT); 
  • Evaluate future perspectives and evolving issues in radiotherapy for brain metastases;
  • Identify and employ strategic therapeutic options for patients with intracranial metastatic disease with oncogenic drivers  and address different clinical scenarios such as oligometastatic, oligorecurrent and oligoprogressive disease.

Umberto Ricardi, MD, PhD

Full Professor Radiation Oncology
Department of Oncology
University of Turin