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Smoking Cessation Within Tobacco Control: "Probably Not What You're Thinking"
December 20, 2017 | Online


This webinar will address what is occurring in the field of smoking cessation. We will examine what the tobacco industry is doing for cessation. The major tobacco manufacturers state that they want their customers to stop smoking cigarettes and smoke their new products. We will identify these new products and what may be the potential public health consequences. There will be a discussion of medications that also assist with smoking cessation.

What you should expect to learn

After viewing this program attendees will:

  • Recognize the role of tobacco cessation in the field of tobacco control;
  • Identify the status of new products targeting smokers and the potential health risks associated with these products; and
  • Discuss and implement structured tobacco cessation programs for patients.

Matthew Steliga, MD

Associate Professor
Thoracic Surgery
Tobacco Cessation Program
Rockefeller Cancer Institute 
University of Arkansas