European Association for Cancer Research Membership Offer


The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) is dedicated to conquering thoracic cancers on a worldwide basis. Thus, we are pleased to work with the EACR to promote joint membership. 

The promotion provides a discount for membership rates for one-year for EACR members: 

1-Year Regular Membership (US $75) - Includes all benefits of IASLC Membership, including print and online JTO and voting rights. 

1-Year Developing Country Membership (US $25) - Includes all benefits of IASLC Membership, except JTO is online only.

This offer is available to members of the EACR who are either renewing with the IASLC or joining the IASLC for the first time. These memberships will provide discounted registration at all IASLC meetings throughout the duration of the membership, including the World Conference on Lung Cancer. We look forward to many interactions between the IASLC and EACR. 

Membership Offer for EACR Members

Who is Eligible?
 Regular Member and Early Career members of EACR who are either new or returning members of the IASLC. This offer is provided to you in the hopes of expanding collaboration between EACR and IASLC in the future.

Benefits include: Online JTO and all Supplements; Member Discounts to all IASLC Meetings, including WCLC; IASLC Member Newsletter; ability to serve on IASLC Committees; eligibility to apply for Fellowship funding and much more! Learn more at or contact us with questions.

How to apply: (1) Complete the IASLC online membership application or existing membership renewal and make sure to select the member type titled "EACR Regular Member Partner Offer 2019" or "EACR Developing Country Partner Offer 2019". (2) Or, contact IASLC membership at for assistance.