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Open Comment: IASLC Multidisciplinary Recommendations for Pathologic Assessment of Lung Cancer Resection Specimens Following Neoadjuvant Therapy

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This article outlines recommendations on how to best process lung cancer resection specimens and define major pathologic response and complete pathologic response following neoadjuvant therapy.

This manuscript* and its recommendations are based upon the opinion from 41 multidisciplinary expert members of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC), primarily from the Pathology Committee. In addition, a literature review was conducted on neoadjuvant therapy as it relates to pathologic assessment. A set of lead authors drafted the manuscript, which was then reviewed by all co-authors, resulting in a series of eight recommendations.

These recommendations are intended as guidance for clinical trials, although it is hoped they can also inform good clinical practice outside of clinical trials and ultimately improve consistency of pathologic assessment of treatment response.

*IASLC Multidisciplinary recommendations for pathologic assessment of lung cancer resection specimens following neoadjuvant therapy.