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Committee Self-Nomination

The IASLC seeks a highly competent and active pool of members to serve as volunteers on its organizational committees. IASLC Committees contribute significantly to the effective operation and development of IASLC programs. Typically committee membership represents a broad geographic spectrum and a multidisciplinary perspective. Committee members are recommended by the President with approval of the Board of Directors.

Active and qualified Members of IASLC may nominate themselves for Committees of Interest. To complete the form you must include a Sponsor who is an active IASLC Member (name and email of sponsor is required). You are also required to submit a copy of your C.V. You are encouraged to contact your Regent for sponsorship. Please see list of Committees and Members below.  PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to submit a Self-Nomination at any time.  However, submissions may only be evaluated at certain times of year to be considered by the IASLC leadership.  Self-nomination is now open for the for the 2015-2017 Committee terms.   Thank you for your interest and service to IASLC.

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Awards Committee

Committee members determine the recipients of the various IASLC distinguished awards announced at the World Conference on Lung Cancer. 

Tony S. Mok - IASLC President, Chair

Peter Goldstraw - Past Chair

David Carbone - Chair Elect

Tetsuya Mitsudomi - Board Liason

Fred R. Hirsch - Chief Executive Officer

Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee seeks to help members progress through their professional career.  The committee seeks involvement from mentors who play an active role in mentoring professionals early in their careers.

Martin Edelman - Chair

Francoise Mornex - Board Liason

Prasad Adusumilli - Member

Konstantinos Arnaotakis - Member

Shantanu Banerji - Member

Candace Black - Member

Carlos Ferreira - Member

Apar Ganti - Member

David Gerber - Member

Ritu Gill - Member

Thomas John - Member

Moon Chul Kang - Member

Natasha Leighl - Member

Gilberto de Lima Lopes - Member

Isamu Okamoto - Member

Taofeek Owonikoko - Member

Karen Reckamp - Member

Suresh Senan - Member

David Shames - Member

Paula Ugalde - Member

Choi Yong Soo - Member

Communications Committee

The committee develops outreach programs to increase IASLC's name recognition and credibility. Its initiatives enhance the prestige of IASLC products and services, while educating the public about complex cancer issues. Committee members also manage the meeting's media programs and serve as spokespeople for the association.

Anne Tsao - Chair

Heather Wakelee - Past Chair

Christian Manegold - Board Liason

Richard Booton - Member

Byoung Chul Cho - Member

Glenda Colburn - Member

Ingrid Du rand - Member

Zhang Li - Member

Claudio Martin - Member

Isamu Okamoto - Member

Sai-Hong Ou - Member

Geoffrey Oxnard - Member

Marcello Riggi - Member

Ross Soo - Member

Thomas Stinchcombe - Member

Irina Veytsman - Member

Gerard Zalcman - Member

Education Committee

The Education Committee plans, develops and initiates IASLC education programs, with special emphasis on the World Conference on Lung Cancer.

Primo Lara - Past Chair

Suresh Ramalingam - Chair

Pasi Janne - Board Liason

Lynn Calman - Member

Frederico Cappuzzo - Member

Jesme Fox - Member

Frank Griesinger - Member

James Ho - Member

Young-Chui Kim - Member

Siow Ming Lee - Member

Sumithra Mandrekar - Member

Federico Nasroulah - Member

Mathew Steliga - Member

Daniel Tan - Member

Eric Vallieres - Member

Marileila Varella-Garcia - Member

Caicun Zhou - Member

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee guides the development of the IASLC member and Board of Director’s code of ethical conduct, and renders opinions to the Association concerning ethical issues that may arise during IASLC sponsored activities, including but not limited to meetings, workshops and publications. The committee also provides guidelines for IASLC sponsorship proposals (including initiatives and products) and for the monitoring of IASLC sponsored meetings. The Committee will review IASLC activities, including sponsorship, when it deems necessary, including when requested by the Board of Directors, and provide a report and recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Kwun Fong - Past Chair

Eduardo Richardet - Chair

Yochiro Ohe - Board Liason

Candace Aitken Johnstone - Member

Digambar Behera - Member

Penny Chipman - Member

Meredith Cummins - Member

Shirish Gadgeel - Member

Matthew Hatton - Member

Paul Hesketh - Member

Thierry Marie Jahan - Member

Leslie Kohman - Member

Ofer Merimsky - Member

Merel Mountain - Member

Maria Pallotta - Member

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee transacts as designated regular business of the association during the period between board meetings.

Peter Goldstraw - Past Chair

Tony Mok - Chair

David Carbone - Chair Elect

David Gandara - Treasurer

Fred R. Hirsch - CEO

Fellowship Committee

The committee reviews the IASLC Lung Cancer Fellowship Award/Young Investigators Award applications and selects recipients. The committee also formulates policy related to the selection criteria, candidate application, funding and administration of the awards program.

Philip Mack - Past Chair

Benjamin Besse - Chair

Kazuhiko Nakagawa - Board Liason

Giuseppe Giacone - Member

Mary Hesdorffer - Member 

Lee Krug - Member

Bo Lu - Member

Kim Norris - Member

Ben Solomon -Member

Rolf Stahl - Member

Glen Weiss - Member

Chong-Jen Yu - Member

Qing Zhou - Member

Finance Committee

The committee oversees the ongoing fiscal management of the association and its affiliated organizations. It also oversees the performance of IASLC investments and reviews annually the association's risk management and insurance program 

Fred Hirsch - Past Chair

David Gandara - Chair

Tony Mok -Member

Peter Goldstraw - Member

Membership Committee

The committee reviews and recommends requirements for Regular Members, Senior Members, Fellows, and Allied Professional membership status in accordance with the bylaws, changes in membership criteria, joint promotions with other societies and member benefits. The Membership Committee strategizes to increase membership and retain members, consider any disputes, monitors the general status of membership and makes recommendations to the IASLC Board.

Nise Yamaguchi - Past Chair

Suresh Senan - Chair

William Travis - Board Liason

Liz Darlison - Member

Sebastian Defranchi - Member

Simon Ekman - Member

Andrea Ferris -Member

David Garfield - Member

Ioannis Gkiozos - Member

Gregory Kalemkerian - Member

Tianhong Li - Member

Clarissa Mathias - Member

Sudish Murthy - Member

Michael O'Reilly - Member

Raymond Osarogiagbon - Member

Vali A. Papadimitrakopulou - Member

Luis Raez - Member

Christian Diego Rolfo - Member

Nominating Committee

The committee develops a slate of candidates for elected positions including president-elect, treasurer, board directors, and Nominating Committee members in accordance with the bylaws.

Kathy Albain - Past Chair

David Gandara - Past Chair

Joan Schiller - Chair

Silvia Novello - Board Liason

Bruce Johnson - Member

Tetsuya Mitsudomi - Member

Keunchil Park - Member

Jean-Charles Soria - Member

Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Committee

The Nurses & Allied Professionals Committee will ensure that IASLC addresses the needs of nurses & allied health professionals involved in the thoracic oncology. This committee will comprehensively address the educational and related needs of allied health professionals as members of the thoracic oncology team and as IASLC members. 

Patricia Hollen - Chair

Sumitra Thongprasert - Board Liaison

Suk-Chul Bae - Member

Lynn Calman - Member

Carolyn Clary-Macy - Member

Meredith Cummins - Member

Liz Darlison - Member

Anne Fraser - Member

Mary Hesdorffer - Member

Keiko Iino - Member

Jocelyn McLean - Member

Alex Molassiotis - Member

Christel Oyen - Member

Patricia Palmer - Member

Kimberly Rohan - Member

Angela Mary Tod - Member

Michelle Turner - Member

Wilma Uyterlinde - Member

Chang-Li Wang - Member

John White - Member

Kahren White - Member

Pathology Committee

The Pathology Committee provides an integrated clinical, radiologic, molecular and pathologic approach to review of various types of lung and thoracic cancers to help define categories that have distinct clinical radiologic, molecular and pathologic characteristics. The committee leads in development of a new and revised classification and contribution to educational products and services of the IASLC. 

Ming Sound Tsao - Past Chair

Andrew Nicholson - Chair

Keith Kerr - Board Liason

Mary Beth Beasley - Member

Johan Botling - Member

Elisabeth Brambilla - Member

Lucian Chireac - Member

Sanya Dacic - Member

Kim Geisinger - Member

Fred Hirsch - Member

Yuichi Ishikawa -Member

Nirush Lertprasertsook - Member

Andre Moriera - Member

Masayuki Noguchi - Member

Iver Petersen - Member

Giuseppe Pelosi - Member

Erik Thunnissen - Member

Ka Fai To - Member

Bill Travis - Member

Ignacio Wistuba - Member

Yasushi Yatabe - Member

Patient Advocates Committee

The Advocates Committee will ensure that IASLC addresses the informational needs of the public and public advocates regarding the communication and exchange about issues of importance to the public in thoracic oncology. This committee will comprehensively address the educational and related needs of the public as an important constituency in the work of the Association.

Glenda Colburn – Chair

David Carbone – Board Liaison

Carolyn Aldige - Member

Andrea Ferris - Member

Jesme Fox - Member

Merel Mountain - Member

Kim Norris - Member

Noelle O'Rourke - Member

Scott Santarella - Member

Toshiyuki Sawa  - Member

Stefania Vallone - Member

Debra Violette - Member

Howard West – Member

Patient Education Task Force

Silvia Novello – Chair

Suresh Ramalingam – Member

Scott Santarella – Member

Myung Ju Ahn – Member

Mattew Steliga – Member

Stefania Vallone – Member

John White – Member

Rogerio Lilenbaum – Member

Glenda Colburn – Member

Nahla Elewa – Member

Liz Isler – Member

Patricia Mondragon – Member

Francisco Martinez – Member

Patricia Palmer – Member

Samo Pitamic – Member

Prevention, Screening and Early Detection Committee

The Prevention, Screening and Early Detection Committee provides leadership and oversight of IASLC's cancer prevention activities. It works with appropriate committees and groups within the association to enhance the quality and quantity of cancer prevention in the relevant programs, and provides leadership in joint efforts with other societies in the area of cancer prevention. 

John Field - Past Chair

Nir Peled - Chair

Laurie Gaspar - Board Liaison

Denise Aberle - Member

Bo Aldige - Member

Osvaldo Aren - Member

Caroline Chiles - Member

Thomas D'Amico - Member

Subba Digumarthy - Member

Anne Fraser - Member

Hans Hoffmann - Member

Surender Kashyap - Member

Stephen Lam - Member

Annette McWilliams - Member

Mary Meek - Member

Luis Montuenga - Member

York Miller - Member

Matthijs Oudkerk - Member

Gerald Schmidt-Bindert - Member

Egbert Smit - Member

Ricardo Terra - Member

Michael Unger -Member 

Publications Committee

The Publications committee oversees operations for IASLC publications, including the Journal of Thoracic Oncology (JTO), educational books, program/proceedings and others. The committee explores and evaluates print and multimedia opportunities to ensure IASLC's commitment to education and advancement of research through the production of high-quality materials. 

Glenwood Goss - Past Chair

Harvey Pass - Chair

Solange Peters - Board Liason

Gouri Shankar Bhattacharyya - Member

Emilio Bria - Member

Andres Filipe Cardona - Member

Cherie Erkman - Member

Rogerio Lilenbaum - Member

Michael Alberts - Member

Billy Loo - Member

Patricia Palmer - Member

Edgardo Santos - Member

Navneet Singh - Member

David Spigel - Member

Seiji Yano - Member

Mario Varangot - Member

Kathy Wiedemer - Member                        

Staging Committee

The Staging Committee participates in the study and improvement of cancer staging systems relevant to thoracic cancers. The committee directs collection and analysis of patient information and periodically updates staging systems and contributes to educational products and services of the IASLC.

Peter Goldstraw - Past Chair

Ramon Rami-Porta - Chair

Hisao Asamura - Chair Elect

Yi-long Wu - Board Liason

Ricardo Beyruti - Member

Conrad Falkson - Member

Young Tae Kim - Member

Kaoru Kubota - Member

Toni Lerut - Member

Ben Levy - Member

Marco Lucchi - Member

Gustavo Lyons - Member

Mirella Marino - Member

Edith Marom - Member

Enrico Ruffini - Member

Kenji Suzuki - Member

Yuji Tachiimori - Member

Hirokazu Watanabe - Member

Marcin Zielinkski - Member

Dori Giroux - CRAB

John Crowley - CRAB

Kari Chansky - CRAB

Vanessa Bolejack - CRAB

Laura Kingsbury - CRAB

Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation Committee

The IASLC Board formed the Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation Committee in 2012 in order to provide more comprehensive consideration of activities and initiatives that the Association should engage in to reduce the use of tobacco worldwide. The Committee will ensure that IASLC addresses the needs of practitioners seeking to help their patients stop tobacco use. This committee will recommend actions to contribute to international and local/national, efforts in tobacco control initiatives and interventions.

Kenneth Michael Cummings - Chair

Carolyn Dresler - Board Liaison

Douglas Arenberg - Member

Paula Caron - Member

Nasser Hanna - Member

Ellen Gritz - Member

James Mulshine - Member

Elisabeth Quoix - Member

Jesme Fox - Member

Jacek Jassem - Member

John Field - Member

Norihiko Ikeda - Member

Matthew Peters - Member

Emily Stone - Member

Graham Warren - Member

Nise Yamaguchi - Member

Ping Yang - Member

Caicun Zhou - Member

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