Annual Report

Welcome Letter

Welcome to the 2022 Annual Report! 2022 was a mix of old and new for IASLC. We were thrilled to return to in-person events and equally excited to welcome our new CEO Karen Kelly and many wonderful new staff members. It was a year focused on providing as much benefit as possible for our members.

IASLC's International and Multidisciplinary Membership

For more than four decades, IASLC members have led a worldwide movement to advance the mission of conquering thoracic cancers across the globe. In 2022, at events such as the World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC), the Asia Conference on Lung Cancer, the North America Conference on Lung Cancer, the IASLC CT Screening Symposium, and the Targeted Therapies of Lung Cancer Meeting, lung cancer specialists accessed the latest research and scientific discoveries in thoracic oncology, allowing them to advance their profession through education and development opportunities.

Members By Country/Region

Members by Primary Specialty

Labels Values
Medical Oncology 32.3%
Thoracic Surgery 13.7%
Other/Unknown 14.8%
Pulmonary Medicine 9.5%
Cancer Research 6.8%
Radiation Oncology 6.1%
Pathology 5.6%
Advocacy 4.3%
Biotech/Pharmaceutical 3.6%
Diagnostic Radiology 1.7%
Nursing 1.6%

Professional Activity/Practice

Labels Values
Academic Medical Center 48.3
Other/Unknown 15.7
Pharmaceutical/Biotech 10.7
Cancer Center 10.4
Private Practice (Hospital) 3.6
Private Practice (Office) 3.1
Training Program 2.6
Non-Profit or Advocacy 1.9
Laboratory Research 1.7
Government Agency 1.1
Administration 0.5
Retired 0.4

Scientific Affairs Projects


IASLC Staging Project

The IASLC is grateful to its members and other thoracic oncology professionals who submitted patient data to better inform the 9th Edition of the TNM Classification for Thoracic...
IASLC Atlas of Molecular Testing for Targeted Therapy in Lung Cancer

IASLC Atlas of Molecular Testing for Targeted Therapy

The IASLC intends to produce a comprehensive atlas covering all current and emerging targets from both a diagnostic and clinical point of view. There will be dedicated chapters for...
Pathologic Response Project

Pathologic Response (PR) Project

The IASLC has begun working on Phase 2 of the PR project, which aims to determine a global cadre of pathologists’ reproducibility of histological Major Pathologic Response (MPR)

Early Lung Imaging Confederation (ELIC)

The Early Lung Imaging Confederation (ELIC) is an international alliance of collaborating individuals and institutions who share a vision to develop a globally distributed, privacy...

Education and Conferences

IASLC strives to provide quality education and networking opportunities to our members, and 2022 was no exception. We returned to in-person events with WCLC 2022 in Vienna, followed by NACLC 2022 and ACLC 2022. Our members were excited to get to see and share information with each other face-to-face. However, we didn’t leave all of our new-found expertise in hosting virtual events behind, as each event also had a virtual option. Some sessions were live-streamed for those who could not be there in person, and videos of the events were also made available on demand. As we move forward into 2023, we plan to continue providing both in-person and virtual options for our events, allowing everyone working to defeat thoracic cancers and malignancies access to the latest information and education in the field.

2022 Conferences

orange spots on lungs

IASLC 2022 Targeted Therapies of Lung Cancer

Meeting Chairs: Drs. Paul A. Bunn, Jr., Roy Herbst, Lecia Sequist, Suresh Ramalingam, and Charu Aggarwal | 1,050 participants | 47 countries