Conferences & Events

Webinar Proposals

The IASLC encourages the submission of applications that propose new educational webinars that focus on thoracic malignancies. If approved, the IASLC will provide support for these webinars including funding, content development and logistical support. Applicants must complete the appropriate application form and provide the required materials as detailed in each form. Incomplete applications will be returned without review.

Applicants must submit the completed application form and required materials at least three months before the Webinar start date.

The IASLC Education Committee reviews all webinar applications. Review criteria - as required by the IASLC Board of Directors - include the following:

  • Emphasis on thoracic oncology, scientific merit, appropriateness of the planning committee or group, adequacy of the proposed agenda/program, and promotion of the IASLC. The proposed agenda should clearly indicate the topic and proposed lecture title even if a definite speaker has not yet been confirmed (a proposed speaker can be included).

Dependent on the proposed topic, the following criteria may also apply:

  • Multidisciplinary nature of the event and provision of tobacco/smoking cessation as a program element.

For applicants planning a Webinar application, it is strongly recommended that a consultation be made with the IASLC Education Committee prior to submission. Current IASLC policy tasks the Education Committee to now be involved in Webinar content generation, hence this recommendation. 

Following review, the Education Committee will recommend either “Approval Pending Funding”, “Approval with Mandatory Revisions” or “Disapproval”.

Applications that are approved with mandatory revisions require a resubmission and re-review by the Education Committee. Applications that are disapproved can be appealed or resubmitted; however, a consultation with the Education Committee is strongly recommended prior to resubmission. This will allow the applicant to incorporate recommended changes into the program that meet minimum criteria for review. Approved webinar applications will be prioritized (high, intermediate, low) dependent on the immediacy of the topic. 

In addition, the applicant must complete a mandatory Post-Webinar Summary Form no more than eight weeks after the end of the first Webinar.