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19th Annual International Lung Cancer Congress®


The 19th Annual International Lung Cancer Congress® will provide current, practical information on the management of lung cancer, as well as a look at the novel agents and strategies with the potential to shape the future of lung cancer therapy. Leading international and national experts will provide perspectives on how to incorporate the latest data on targeted agents, immunotherapy, surgery, and radiation oncology in the clinic. Cutting-edge lectures, panel discussions, multidisciplinary tumor boards, and interactive question-and-answer sessions will provide a unique opportunity for participants to engage with faculty as they share their perspectives and personal experiences on the clinical challenges and ongoing controversies in lung cancer management.


This educational activity is directed toward medical, surgical and radiation oncologists interested in the treatment of patients with lung cancer. Fellows, nurse practitioners, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, researchers and other healthcare professionals interested in the treatment of lung cancer are also invited to attend.


  • Delineate testing strategies for the diagnosis and identification of biomarkers which can be used to facilitate clinical decision-making in multiple lines of lung cancer care
  • Explain evolving treatment strategies for early-stage and locally advanced lung cancer
  • Determine optimized sequencing strategies for the management of advanced lung cancer based on clinical data sets, performance status, and tumor characteristics
  • Assess current data sets and ongoing clinical trials evaluating single agent and combination immunotherapeutic approaches
  • Place recent clinical trial results on chemotherapeutic, targeted, and immunotherapeutic strategies in the context of current treatment standards and evolving paradigms in the management of lung cancer
  • Explain the current status of cooperative group trials and methods to facilitate participation in clinical trials that are assessing emerging strategies to treat lung cancer

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