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Prevent Cancer – Workshop X: Application of quantitative CT imaging to early lung cancer management: accelerating progress

These annual meetings bring together oncologists and radiologists, along with representatives of federal agencies and the pharmaceutical and diagnostic imaging industries, to explore the use of spiral CT scanning as a tool for evaluating response to new therapies more rapidly and accurately. With the emergence of quantitative CT as a key tool for use in diagnostic work-up of suspicious lung nodules, there is renewed interest in understanding how to correctly assess volume change.  These two challenges are complex and require a collaborative team of broad multi-disciplinary specialist to ensure that optimal processes are defined.
Workshop X builds on the considerable progress achieved in earlier Workshops in applying quantitative CT imaging to facilitate drug development. This Workshop series has maintained a focus on driving innovation and broad cross-disciplinary inclusion. Accomplishments driven by this forum include facilitating the development of several image databases, such as the National Cancer Institute RIDER Database, The Prevent Cancer Foundation-Cornell Database and the Lung Cancer Alliance Patient-donated Database (Give-A-Scan). These databases include collections of different types of image files and these diverse resources are critical in allowing the development of software measurement tools.

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