Patient Comment on Mobocertinib for Exon 20

Patient Comment on Mobocertinib for Exon 20

Targeted Therapies
Jan 29, 2021
Robert Hanlon

Mobocertinib for Exon 20-Related Lung Cancer of Great Interest to Patients

My brother Kevin, who founded the Exon 20 Group at ICAN with me in early 2017, started on mobocertinib (TAK-788) in late Spring of 2017. It was Kevin's first clinical trial, and he was very pleased to be under the care of study leader Dr. Pasi A. Jänne at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Although Kevin passed two years later, he would have been delighted to learn of the very welcome consolidated results for the post-platinum patient participants in the EXCLAIM study and EXCLAIM's extension cohort (NCT02716116), having followed Dr. Jänne's various TAK-788 presentations for two years.

Our Exon 20 Group patients have encountered mobocertinib as: their first post-platinum clinical trial; in the context of a treatment-naive trial; or in the context of having been heavily pretreated, and a mobocertinib trial was suggested or or Takeda Oncology's expanded-access program acceptance obtained by their oncologist. It is of great interest to our patients and care partners that a new cohort for pemetrexed plus carboplatin plus mobocertinib is now open (NCT02716116), as the consensus of the multi-stakeholder Exon 20 Group is that the addition of the bispecific antibody amivantamab or either of the three TKIs (mobocertinib, poziotinib, or CLN-081) to the standard chemotherapy doublet will lead to improved patient outcomes.

Robert T. Hanlon, PhD
Co-Founder and Chairman, Exon 20 Group