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The International Lung Cancer Foundation aims to accelerate the pace of thoracic malignancy research, to inspire researchers to focus their careers on lung cancer, and to reduce the worldwide lung cancer mortality rate.

Donations from patients, caregivers, and those individuals passionate about  accelerating the pace of lung cancer research, as well as from our organization and corporate partners, go directly to funding our Research Awards. These Research Awards provide early-career researchers with vital funding opportunities, fostering both tomorrow's lung cancer visionaries and milestones in patient care.

Give Five!

The International Lung Cancer Foundation is excited about our newest donation functionality: recurring monthly donations! Donors now have the option to make their donations monthly recurring donations with just a few clicks of their mouse.

To help kick off our recurring donations program, we’re asking YOU to give five: $5 (or more!) each month for the next five months (or more!). If 5% of our members (approximately 400 people) gave five, we would raise USD 10,000 to inspire hope through research. Every dollar donated to the ILCF supports our Research Awards program, a global education initiative providing Fellowships and Young Investigator Awards that fund innovative research in lung cancer.



Donate in Honor or in Memory

Donating to the International Lung Cancer Foundation is a caring way to honor a loved one whose life has been impacted by lung cancer. Donate in honor of your loved one to celebrate their lung cancer survivorship. Donate in memory of your loved one to express your condolences after they pass away. If you wish, the ILCF will notify your loved one’s family of your gift on your behalf.

Donor Recognition Wall

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our individual donors, as well as to our organization and corporate partners. 

Explore Research Funding Opportunities

Partner Grants
Partner Grants

Through partnerships with LCFA and FreeME from Lung Cancer, the ILC Foundation offers two-year $200,000 grants

Young Investigator Awards
Young Investigator Awards

For investigators who are ready to begin independent research studies, ILC Foundation offers numerous awards on an annual cycle, dependent on geographic region of applicant. These one-year awards are for $50,000 in research funding.


Exclusive to fellows, these awards provide $50,000 for a one-year research project. Opportunities are numerous and based on geographic region of applicant.

Award Recipient Spotlight

Foundation_Success Story_Tan
Aaron C. Tan, MD
Fellow at the National Cancer Centre Singapore
"I hope my future research can build on this foundation, to drive innovation, generate novel data, and ultimately improve outcomes for patients."

Support Researchers!

People who are diagnosed with lung cancer gain hope through improved treatment options resulting from scientific advances. The International Lung Cancer Foundation exists to fund innovative research that leads to scientific advances in the detection and treatment of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. We need your help to fund our next round of researchers and their innovative projects. Despite being the leading cause of cancer death, lung cancer receives far less government research funding than any other cancer, so research support from corporations, foundations, and individual donors is crucial.