Group Fellow Membership Registration

The IASLC currently offers a complimentary membership for fellows/residents/students/trainees in any discipline that is relevant to lung cancer. This group registration option is intended for program directors or faculty of a training program in any discipline that is relevant to lung cancer.  You may now enroll students together, so that your program does not have to provide individual verification letters. The IASLC wishes to expand the fellow program and offer this great benefit of free membership to trainees around the world.  The department head or program director will need to provide verification of the term dates of the fellowship, residency or proof of trainee status, along with a list of trainees who are interested.  Fellow membership is available for a maximum of two years.  To register a group of students, you must provide the authorization of the Department Head and the name of a sponsoring IASLC Member who supports the application. 

Fellows are non-voting members, entitled to most other IASLC benefits, including: Journal of Thoracic Oncology Subscription (Online only); Free CME Opportunities; Discounted registration to IASLC meetings, workshops and webinars; Eligibility for Fellowship and Travel Awards.  For more information or assistance with the form below, please contact Director of Membership, Kristin Richeimer, or +1.720.325.2953.

Step 1: Download the Group Registration Form

Step 2: Complete the Application Process (Requires upload of completed Group Registration Form (Step 1 above), contact details for Department Head and IASLC Sponsor Member who authorize the application.)


More Information about Free Fellow Membership

If you are an INDIVIDUAL Fellow/Student/Trainee seeking to join, please Become a Member!

If you are a member of the IASLC and wish to invite a fellow/student/trainee to join follow this link: Invite a Fellow