August 2013

President's Corner  

Peter Goldstraw

 Dr. Peter Goldstraw, President, IASLC Board of Directors

We hope you approve of the new format of the Newsletter and of the improvements made to our web site. These changes are the result of much hard work by our head office team, especially Kristal Griffith, Director of Communications, and our Communications Committee chaired by Heather Wakelee, and Silvia Novello the board liaison to this committee. This is a fine example of how the IASLC and its members are now beginning to see the benefits of our implementation of the strategic review undertaken shortly after the last WCLC. This recognised the need to expand our head office and reorganise and widen our volunteer involvement in newly revised committees. Paul Bunn headed up the appointment of our first Chief Operating and Finance Officer, John Wetherington, and additional Directors, Kristal Griffith and Kristin Richeimer, to take defined responsibilities from our overworked Pia Hirsch. New committees were established for Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation, and Advocacy, areas in which the IASLC had previously had an unacceptably low profile, for Nurses and Allied Professionals, valued partners who are central to our everyday activities in research and cancer care and who must become fully involved in every aspect of the IASLC's activities, and an Industry Task Force to ensure we get the maximum advantage from the expertise available in these important partnerships. Each committee is chaired by a senior member of the IASLC and supported by a liaison officer from the board and a designated staff member. I would love to mention all of these heroes by name but space considerations prevent this, so please check out the new web site to see who is actively involved in these and all other IASLC activities, and consider completing a self-nomination application if you wish to be involved as a volunteer on any of our committees. 

CEO Corner

Paul Bunn

Dr. Paul A. Bunn, Jr., CEO of the IASLC

The IASLC Election was completed with 46% of members voting. The continued high percentage of members who vote reflects the interest of the members in the organization. Congratulations to the winners and we thank all those who volunteer to participate in the election. The bylaws amendments recommended by the Bylaws committee were approved overwhelmingly. More information can be found in the News section on the new Board members and officers. The new bylaws can be found on the Policies Page. 

The Sydney WCLC meeting received a record number of abstracts 2,333, an increase of over 500 from the Amsterdam WCLC. This large number of abstracts insures the high quality of the WCLC. Please register on the conference site

Following the WCLC there will be regional meetings across the globe to highlight the materials presented at the WCLC. These “Best of WCLC” meeting are chaired by local members and should allow wide dissemination of the materials. Please visit the Best of WCLC Events Page to see the list of dates and cities where the meetings will be held. The virtual meeting will be available on-line to subscribing attendees within 24 hours of presentation and to non-attendees within a week of the conference.

The 2014 will be a year of local and regional meeting beginning with a joint AACR IASLC meeting on The Molecular Origins of Lung Cancer to be held January 6-9, 2014 to be held in San Diego, CA. Please go to the Events Page to see the list of meetings and registration information.

Remember that all prior IASLC webexes and webinars can be viewed at the IASLC website at any time.

Congratulations to the IASLC staff, especially Kristal Griffith for updating the website. Please visit and provide your comments. 


David Carbone


The members of the IASLC have selected their new Officers and Board of Directors. The new board members have 151 combined years involved in the IASLC and more than 250 years of experience in lung cancer research. Dr. David Carbone, MD, PhD, professor of Internal Medicine and director of the James Thoracic Center at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, was elected President. Visit the News Story to see the full list of names and complete bios. 


Oct. 1 will be the day the WCLC abstracts will be released on the IASLC and WCLC 2013 websites. This will not include late-breaking abstracts or those held for the press program. Following the press conference Oct. 28, all full abstracts will be added to the library. 

The IASLC supports the draft lung cancer screening recommendations released by the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force. The Task Force announced its draft recommendation statement on computed tomography (CT) screening July 29, 2013. More information.

The IASLC is requesting applications for the Boehringer Ingelheim Chinese Fellowship award to be awarded in 2014. The goal is to reward scientific excellence and to encourage innovative investigations in the field of lung cancer prevention research and translational research with a potential impact on the management of lung cancer.  Application and deadline information.

The IASLC responds to an editorial in the medical journal Lancet suggesting that the government in the United Kingdom has chosen not to pursue standardized packaging because of financial considerations. The editorial suggests that the government in the United Kingdom has sold out to the lobbying interests of major tobacco. Read the IASLC's response sent to journalists in the U.K. 

National Lung Cancer Partnership: Young Investigator Research Grant Competition

The National Lung Cancer Partnership is pleased to announce our 9th annual research grant competition. This year, multiple 2-year $100,000 awards are available to post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty. The purpose of this Grant Program is to drive forward research that will lead to increasing survival rates for lung cancer patients, while ensuring that young investigators have the resources needed for them to succeed as lung cancer researchers. We seek applications for research that supports our vision to double lung cancer survival by 2022.

Areas of Interest

  • Improving outcomes for patients with early stage cancer—proposals that have near-term potential to make a dramatic improvement in early stage cures.
  • Improving outcomes for patients with unresectable lung cancer—proposals describing innovative strategies to address challenges in treating locally advanced, oligometastatic, and disseminated metastatic patients.

Pre-clinical, translational, and clinical proposals are eligible for funding, and all proposals must clearly identify how the work will lead to increased survival for lung cancer patients. At the time of application, an applicant must hold a doctoral degree (MD, PhD, DO, DrPH, or equivalent), and be a post-doctoral fellow or be in the first 5 years of their first faculty appointment at a not-for-profit institution in the United States or Canada. Complete application eligibility and instructions are available on the National Lung Cancer Partnership’s website:

The application deadline is October 22, 2013. Awards will be announced on or before March 1, 2014.


Membership icon

You may already be aware that the IASLC offers FREE membership to fellows, but we want to make sure that more trainees around the world in multiple specialties are taking advantage of membership. Because of the importance of young investigators to the future of lung cancer research, fellows, residents and trainees may apply for free, non-voting membership by submitting a signed letter stating the term dates of their fellowship, residency or proof of trainee status from their department. 

Fellows, residents and trainees from all specialties are encouraged to join, including those from nursing and other allied health professions. Fellow membership is available for a maximum of two years. Fellows are non-voting members, entitled to many other IASLC benefits including online access to the Journal of Thoracic Oncology (JTO). 

Please invite a Fellow, Resident or Trainee today!

Once you enter your colleague's name and email address, an email will be sent inviting them to join IASLC on your behalf. Thank you for your membership in IASLC and your help growing our global team!  If you have questions, please contact Kristin Richeimer.


Jill Siegfried

Jill M. Siegfried, Ph.D., has been named the next head of the Department of Pharmacology, and holder of the Frederick and Alice Stark Endowed Chair, at the University of Minnesota on the Twin Cities campus in Minneapolis. She will assume this role and also serve as associate director for Experimental Therapeutics at the Masonic Cancer Center starting in September 2013.  Dr. Siegfried is currently a professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh, where she has been on the faculty for the past 25 years.  Dr. Siegfried has been the Director of the SPORE in Lung Cancer at Pitt for the past 13 years.  She plans to continue her association with the SPORE grant at Minnesota.

As head of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota Medical School, she looks forward to rebuilding the department by recruiting new investigators to Minnesota and expanding translational research and drug development in her new department.  She also hopes to strengthen lung cancer research at the Masonic Cancer Center.  Dr. Siegfried holds the distinction of being the first female head of a basic science department at the University of Minnesota Medical School on the Twin Cities campus.