January 2006

Dear Colleagues,
We hope that all of you have enjoyed happy holidays. It is the Editor’s hope that the Newsletters of 2006 will bring more input from the international members. You’re encouraged to share anything that is going on with lung cancer in your geographical area of interest with the IASLC through the Newsletter. Please mail to the Editor or to the IASLC office the information you would like to share. 

Fred R. Hirsch
Editor, IASLC Newsletter

IASLC Fellowships:
By the deadline of January 2nd 2006, the office received 18 applications to the IASLC/CRFA Translational Research Fellowships. The geographic distribution was: Europe: 7, North America: 8, Rest of the World: 3. The applications are currently being evaluated by the Fellowship committee, and the results from the committee will be discussed at the Board of Directors’ meeting on January 28th. The official results will be published in February 2006.

Journal of thoracic Oncology “JTO”
Online version to be posted January 23, 2006. Printed version currently in the mail.

“Women Against Lung Cancer” (WALC)
WALC is an organization dedicated to decreasing deaths due to lung cancer, and helping patients live longer and better through research, awareness and advocacy. It is a group of primarily women physicians and researchers, but patients and advocates also are working to advance lung cancer treatments for all patients. They are currently focusing their efforts on women because women do not perceive lung cancer’s threat to their health; women make up a disproportionate number of never-smokers with lung cancer, and are otherwise differently affected by the disease; and women are powerful agents of change. The goals are to raise awareness of the lung cancer epidemic, particularly in women; increase funding for lung cancer research; support and encourage research in sex differences in lung cancer; and encourage and support professionals, particularly women, to go into and be successful in lung cancer research, treatment and care. To accomplish these goals, the organization supports research grants into gender differences in lung cancer and a career development award to encourage physicians and scientists to go into the field of lung cancer; career development seminars; and travel grants to ASCO, IASLC’s biannual World Lung Cancer conferences, and the biannual International Lung Cancer Conference in Chicago. WALC’s annual meeting is held the Friday morning immediately before ASCO. For further information, please visit the website at, or contact Regina Vidaver at 608-233-7905.

Coming IASLC Workshops
January 25-28, 2006 British Thoracic Oncology Group Place: Burlington Hotel, Dublin, Ireland Email:; Chairman: Ken O’Byrne
February 17-19, 2006 Development of a Japanese-North American Cooperative Clinical Trial Comparing Stereotactic Radiation Therapy with Surgery for Stage I non-small cell lung cancer. Place: Hyatt Regency, Maui, Hawaii Email:; Contact: Dr. R. Komaki
April 26-29, 2006 2nd Latin American Conference on Lung Cancer Place: Cancun, Mexico - Email:
June 18 - 21, 2006 10th Central European Lung Cancer Conference Place: Prague, Czech Republic Contact: +420-608-408-708 - Email: For more information, visit
June 30-July 2, 2006 Inaugural IASLC Australian Lung Cancer, Conference on Multidisciplinary Care Place: Palm Cove, North Queensland, Australia
September 25 - 26, 2006 11th IASLC International Workshop Early Invasive Lung Cancer: New Diagnostic Tools & Treatment Strategies. Place: Turin, Italy. Email: For more information, visit
October 26-28, 2006 4th Lung & Head and Neck Conference Place: Sheraton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. Email:
November 8-12, 2006 3rd IASLC/ASCO International Conference: "Molecular Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer" Place: Taormina, Sicily, Italy. Email:
November 2006 2nd Asia-Pacific Lung Cancer Conference Place: Guangzhou, China. Email: Contact: Dr. Yi-Long Wu
September 2-6, 2007 The 12th World Conference on Lung Cancer - IASLC Place: Seoul, Korea Contact: Conference Secretaria. E-mail: or

IASLC welcome 500 new IASLC Members June 2005 – January 15, 2006
Dr. Guillermo Luis Lerzo
Dr. Celine Mascaux
Dr. David Garner
Dr. Marcela Urrego
Dr. Jorge Luis Hidalgo
Dr. Christian Fassotte
Dr. Gabrielle Kane
Dr. Miguel Ricardo Buitrago
Dr. Miryam Losanovscky
Dr. Guy Vandermoten
Dr. Hamideh Alasti
Dr. Rafael BeltrÃn
Dr. Nora Giacomi
Dr. Marc Lambrechts
Dr. Heidi Roberts
Dr. Oscar Alcides Abdala
Dr. Nele Fourneau
Dr. Jacinta Meharchand
Dr. Ricardo Navarro
Dr. Peyman Sardari Nia
Dr. Jaclyn Hung
Dr. Nenad Ilic
Dr. Philippe Collard
Dr. Jonathan Noble
Dr. Tessa Dieudonne
Dr. Julie Burnett
Dr. Dion Forstner
Dr. Walter De Wever
Dr. Martial Guillaud
Dr. Delvys Rodriquez Abren
Dr. Edwin Anthony Blackwell
Dr. Mohammad Hussain
Dr. Juan Carlos Collado Otero
Dr. Keith Horwood
Bosnia Herzegovina
Dr. Nicolas Bertrand
Dr. Kunun Fong
Dr. Bakir Mehic
Dr. Normand Blais
Dr. Kylie Museth
Dr. Peter Murray
Dr. Marios Decatris
Dr. Leong-Fook Ng
Dr. Roger Kemp
Dr. Morgan Windsor
Dr. Anderson Guimaraes
Dr. Sanjay Rao
Czech Republic
Dr. Paul de Souza
Dr. Carlos Barrios
Dr. Scott Laurie
Dr. Antonin Kubik
Dr. Peter Briggs
Dr. Deborah Lannes
Dr. Scrimger Rufus
Dr. Jana Skrickova
Dr. Philip James
Dr. Everson Message
Dr. Steve Angyalfi
Dr. Jiri Votruba
Dr. Robert Kenyon
Dr. Hedilene Cardoso
Dr. Susan Dent
Dr. Milos Pesek
Dr. Russell Goudge
Dr. Marco Murilo Buso
Dr. Wojciech Morzycki
Dr. Thomas Briha
Dr. Sharon Keenan
Dr. Nise Yamaguchi
Dr. Simon Knight
Dr. Ricardo Caponero
Dr. Stephen Della-Fiorentina
Dr. Romero Fenili
Dr. Bai Chong
Dr. Lone Grundtvig
Dr. Vanessa Estall
Dr. Chen Lin
Dr. B. G. Skov
Dr. Zita Ballok
Dr. Chen Riangan
Dr. Boryana Hristova
Dr. Chen Zheng Xian
Dr. Abdel Rahman
Dr. Kosta Kostov
Dr. Guoqing Hu
Dr. Adelheid End
Dr. Huang Cheng
Dr. Angelina Miloloza
Dr. Huang Pu Wen
Dr. Sirje Marran
Dr. Elisabeth Kuenburg
Dr. Conrado Vogel
Dr. James C.M. Ho
Dr. Klaus Kirchbacher
Dr. Erika Saavedra
Dr. Li Zhang
Dr. Mouna Bittmann
Dr. Francisco Javier Orlandi
Dr. Lin Peng
Dr. Eeva-Maija Karjalainen
Dr. Peter Hollaus
Dr. Liu Wenchao
Dr. Eija-Riitta Salomaa
Dr. Thomas Stranzl
Dr. Long Yun Li
Dr. Henrik Riska
Dr. Minh-Shian Lu
Dr. Marika Crohns
Dr. Pan Hongming
Dr. Marjo Hahka-Kemppinen
Dr. Wang Lu Hua
Dr. Pekka Mali
Dr. Wang Si-Yu
Dr. Riitta Makitaro
Dr. Wang Xiao Ping
Dr. Wu Ming Bai
Dr. Xiaoping Qian
Dr. Xiu Yi Zhi
Dr. Xu Liyam
Dr. Yang Xue Ning
Dr. Zhou Cai cun
Dr. Zhou Yu
Dr. Zhu Yun Zhong
Hong Kong
Dr. Christos Chouaid
Dr. Joyce Wong
Dr. Francesco Facciolo
Dr. BoKyong Kim
Dr. Dominique Arpin
Dr. Francesco Grossi
Dr. Chango-Ho Jeon
Dr. Franck Morin
Dr. Gianmauro Numico
Dr. Dong-Kwan Kim
Dr. Francoise Mornex
Dr. Steinn Jonsson
Dr. Giovanni Luca Ceresoli
Dr. Jae Cheol Lee
Dr. Jacques Le Treut
Dr. Giovanni Schinzari
Dr. Jin - Sook Ryu
Dr. Jean- Francois Bernaudin
Dr. Marcello Carlo Ambrogi
Dr. Jin-Hyoung Kang
Dr. Jean Marc Pinguet
Dr. Anterpreet Neki
Dr. Marco Galliano
Dr. Joo Hang Kim
Dr. Jean-Charles Soria
Dr. Arvind Kumar Vaid
Dr. Martin Filipits
Dr. Joung Soon Jang
Dr. Jean-Marc Limacher
Dr. Chancal Goswami
Dr. Pierpaolo Camplese
Dr. Lee Kwan-Ho
Dr. Joel Guigay
Dr. Gopal Ramakrishnan
Dr. Raffaella Felletti
Dr. Se Kyu Kim
Dr. Marc Gregoire
Dr. Govind Babu Kanaka Setty
Dr. Umberto Ricardi
Dr. Seung Il Park
Dr. Massimo Conti
Dr. Harsh Kumar Dua
Dr. Vanesa Gregorc
Dr. Sung Hyun Yang
Dr. Philippe Astoul
Dr. Pedapenki Ravi Mohan
Dr. Vito Barbieri
Dr. Sung-Hwa Bae
Dr. Virginie Westeel
Dr. Sanjay Sharma
Dr. Vittorio Gebbia
Dr. Taewon Jang
Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta
Dr. Bong-Seog Kim
Dr. Chi-Hong Kim
Dr. Basia Hofmann
Dr. Akira Kawasaki
Dr. Dae Seog Heo
Dr. Edith Gracien
Dr. Alexander Kaliaga Ginting Suka
Dr. Chimori Konaka
Dr. Hyo Chae Paik
Dr. Harald Kettner
Dr. Asrul Harsal
Dr. Hidemasa Kawamura
Dr. Jin Soo Lee
Dr. Iver Peterson
Dr. Jahja Teguh Widjaja
Dr. Jiro Okami
Dr. Joon Oh Park
Dr. Johannes Blatter
Dr. Wahyuningsih Soeharno
Dr. Kazuhito Funai
Dr. Jung Hyun Chang
Dr. Martin H. Falk
Dr. Yusrizal Djam'an Saleh
Dr. Makiko Mizukami
Dr. Kyu-Sik Kim
Dr. Martin Reck
Dr. Masaki Kokubo
Dr. Lee Choon-Taek
Dr. Martin Wolf
Dr. Masao Nakata
Dr. Won Sik Lee
Dr. Sebastian Belle
Dr. John Armstong
Dr. Takashi Ishida
Dr. Walter Schlage
Dr. Jonathan McAleese
Dr. Yuka Fujita
Dr. Wolf Koester
Dr. Linda Coate
Dr. Marius Zemaitis
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Dr. Skaidrius Miliauskas
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz
Dr. Vytis Dudzevicius
Dr. Angelica Tsantsaridou
Dr. Issahar Ben- Dov
Dr. Athanasios Pallis
Dr. Mark Levitt
Dr. Efrosynj Mylonaki
Dr. Maya Gottfried
Dr. Alenizi Fahad
Dr. Yoke Ching Foo
Dr. Michail Baslamatzis
Dr. Nili Peylan-Ramu
Dr. Fahad Alenizi
Dr. Theodora Kerenidi
Dr. Shadi Hamoud
Dr. Carlos Ibarra-Perez
Dr. Suarez Julian
Dr. Csada Edit
Dr. Alberto Caprioli
Dr. Gabor Kovacs
Dr. Alessandra Bearz
Dr. Judit Moldvay
Dr. Anna La Noce
Dr. Madan Piya
Dr. Sarosi Veronika
Dr. Bandera Mauro
Dr. Zoltan Baliko
Dr. Claudio Dazzi
Dr. Clella Casartelli
Dr. Davide Conte
Dr. Domenico Galetta
Dr. Federico Raveglia
Serbia & Montenegro
Dr. Anita Atema
Dr. Edgar Amorin
Dr. Davorin Radosavljevic
Dr. Agusti Barnadas Molins
Dr. Dick Pasker
Dr. Sergio Santillana
Dr. Ivana Golubicic- Magazinovic
Dr. Carles Bidegain
Dr. Eric Ullmann
Dr. Natasa Jovanovic- Korda
Dr. Dolores Isla
Dr. Frank Maas
Dr. Suzana Isakovic - Vidovic
Dr. Eduard Baeta Capallera
Dr. Friederike Koppe
Dr. Barbara Domingo
Dr. Svetislav Jelic
Dr. Eduard Monso
Dr. Gerben Bootsma
Dr. Dennis Ramon Tudtud
Dr. Enrique Carrillo
Dr. Jaap Bouvy
Dr. Felycette Gay Martinez-Lapus
Dr. Enrique Gallardo
Dr. Jan Peter Eerenberg
Dr. Gerardo Cornelio
Dr. Heng Nung Koong
Dr. Fernando Lopez Rios
Dr. Johan Bussink
Dr. Gina Panuncialman
Dr. Pyng Lee
Dr. Jaime Martinez
Dr. Joost H.E.M. Schijen
Dr. Jasmin Igama
Dr. Wan-Teck Lim
Dr. Jose Abal Arca
Dr. Jos Stigt
Dr. Ma. Noemi Uy
Dr. Jose Belda-Sanchis
Dr. Jouke Annema
Slovak Republic
Dr. Jose Borro
Dr. Katrien De Jaeger
Dr. Elena Kavkova
Dr. Jose Enrique Ales-Martinez
Dr. Kees Van Felius
Dr. Andrzej Badzio
Dr. Jose Jimeno
Dr. Klaas van Kralingen
Dr. Jaroslaw Kuzdzal
Dr. Jose Maria Penas Herrero
Dr. Koen Liesker
Dr. Joanna Chorostowska-Wynimko
Dr. Nadja Triller
Dr. Jose Munoz Langa
Dr. Mohamed Saboezali
Dr. Krzysztof Pawelec
Dr. Maciej Glogowski
Dr. Jose Vicente Cardona
New Zealand
Dr. Mariusz Lukanowski
South Africa
Dr. Julio Sanchez de Cos Escuin
Dr. Babington Scott
Dr. Rafal Dziadziuszko
Dr. Rory Callaghan
Dr. Mercedes Canela
Dr. David Gibbs
Dr. Mireia Serra-Mitjans
Dr. Roland Meyer
Dr. Neus Gascon
Dr. Lina Carvalho
Dr. Anders Wallenius
Dr. Nuria Manes Bonet
Dr. Virginia Calisto
Dr. Helene Torpman
Dr. Ruben Pio
Dr. Christian Von Plessen
Dr. Henrik Johnsson
Dr. Vicente Castillo
Dr. Flotten Oystein
Dr. Luigi De Petris
Dr. Lodve B Stangeland
Dr. Florin Bacanu
Dr. Partik Larsson
Dr. Tove Flem Jacobsen
Dr. Georgeta Polixenia Iorga
Dr. Vidar Skaug
Dr. Lucian Miron
Dr. Tudor Eliade Ciuleanu
Dr. Abdus Samad Syed
Dr. Noor Mohammad
Dr. Igor Poliakov
Dr. Pikin Oleg
Dr. Robert Ivan Lopez
Dr. Carolyn Featherstone
Dr. Beatrix Lutiger
Dr. Atila Akkoclu
Dr. Albert Baldwin
Dr. Kenneth N. Holwitt
Dr. Christine Mage-Hill
Dr. Aydin Sanli
Dr. Albert Medwar
Dr. Kenneth Weiss
Dr. Donald Maclean
Dr. Bahadir Berktas
Dr. Alberto De Hoyos
Dr. Lee Geon Koon
Dr. Guy Hechmati
Dr. Cansel Atinkaya
Dr. Andras Khoor
Dr. Loretta Taylor
Dr. Markus Heitz
Dr. Fazilet Dincbas
Dr. Andres Negro-Vilar
Dr. Louis Geeraerts
Dr. Martin Brutsche
Dr. Ferah Ece
Dr. Anne Tsao
Dr. Malcolm Brock
Dr. Martin Frueh
Dr. Gokhan Yuncu
Dr. Arenberg Douglas
Dr. Mark Block
Dr. Michel Favre
Dr. Kenan Can Ceylan
Dr. Ashton Rendell
Dr. Mark Kozloff
Dr. Miklos Pless
Dr. M. Tulin Bozkurt
Dr. Barrett Scholl
Dr. Mark Krueger
Dr. Sasa Dimitrijevic
Dr. Mehmet Koc
Dr. Bernard Levy
Dr. Matthew L. Meyerson
Dr. Meral Gulhan
Dr. Bo Lu
Dr. Michael Bates
Dr. Ozlem Er
Dr. Brian Stuglik
Dr. Michael Dunn
Dr. Nizar Abbas
Dr. Perran Fulden Yumuk
Dr. Bryan Schneider
Dr. Michael Fanucchi
Dr. Serap Hasturk
Dr. Carol DeGuzman
Dr. Michael Sutherland
Dr. Serir Aktoglu
Dr. Charles Nichols Jr.
Dr. Mondher Mahjoubi
Dr. Carlos Jiin-Jou Linn
Dr. Tuncay Goksel
Dr. Charles Rudin
Dr. Monique Anderson
Dr. Minglin Ho
Dr. Coleman Obasaju
Dr. Nasser Altorki
Dr. Daniel Bennett
Dr. Nasser Hanna
Dr. Charlotte Rees
Dr. Daniel Chan
Dr. Patrick C. Ma
Dr. Adisak Sornprom
Dr. David Landau
Dr. Daniel Maslyar
Dr. Patrick Grusenmeyer
Dr. Busayamas Chewaskulyong
Dr. Dawn Carnell
Dr. Daniel T Milton
Dr. Phillip Manno
Dr. Kanokporn Jaisathaporn
Dr. Elizabeth Toy
Dr. David Readett
Dr. Phillip Menashe
Dr. Lucksana Pochandwdool
Dr. Fiona Blackhall
Dr. Dayna Deuter
Dr. Rachel Sanborn
Dr. Piya Pratipasen
Dr. Gillian Tapper
Dr. Diane Savarese
Dr. Raphael Bueno
Dr. Ravat Panvichian
Dr. Indira Hara
Dr. Douglas Wood
Dr. Richard Barg
Dr. Savitree Maoleekoonpairoj
Dr. Jacquie V. Wilson
Dr. Edward Gold
Dr. Richard Riedel
Dr. Somkit Penpattanagul
Dr. Jason Lester
Dr. Elaine Gorham
Dr. Rick L. Carr
Dr. Sudsawat Laohavinij
Dr. Jean Baker
Dr. Elizabeth Ajlouni
Dr. Rita Kelley
Dr. Suthee Leelasetakul
Dr. Jeremy Peter Charles Steele
Dr. Ernst-Gilbert Schreiber
Dr. Robert Christie
Dr. Udomluck Chenbhanich
Dr. Jill Gardiner
Dr. Francis Carroll
Dr. Robert L. Comis
Dr. Vimol Sukthomya
Dr. John Littler
Dr. Fred B. Oldham
Dr. Rosa Cuenca
Dr. Vorachai Tangvoraphonkchai
Dr. Loic Lang-Lazdunski
Dr. Gavin J. Gordon
Dr. Ross Abrams
Dr. Marilyn Bond
Dr. Gordon Downie
Dr. Stephen Malamud
Dr. Mike Bayne
Dr. Gregory Palko
Dr. Susumu Adachi
Dr. Hanene Ben Salah
Dr. Paul Modi
Dr. James Keck
Dr. Tanvetyanon Tawee
Dr. Paul Taylor
Dr. Jarl Ulf Jungnelius
Dr. Tawfiq Khansur
Dr. Paula Mulvenna
Dr. Jay Shepard
Dr. Thomas Boyd
Dr. Rhona McMenemin
Dr. Jean Henslee-Downey
Dr. Thomas Dahl
Dr. Sally Morgan
Dr. Jeff Allard
Dr. Thomas Myers
Dr. Samuel Cooper
Dr. Joel Bechtel
Dr. Timothy Kennedy
Dr. Sarah Burdett
Dr. John Mullon
Dr. William Paul Holland
Dr. Sofia Baka
Dr. Jorge C. Otero
Dr. Zofia E Dziewanowska
Dr. Tamara Allen
Dr. Jorge E. Gomez
Dr. Teresa Cameron
Dr. Katherine B. Bryant
Dr. Tsueta Ilieva
Dr. Katherine Elizabeth Posther