June 2006

Dear Colleagues,
The IASLC Board of Directors met in Atlanta at the ASCO meeting and several new initiatives were proposed and approved, including a contract agreement with a public relations company, which will help the IASLC raise awareness for lung cancer on a global basis and make IASLC more visible and viable in the public and scientific communities.

Fred R. Hirsch, MD, PhD
Editor, IASLC Newsletter

IASLC is Hiring a Public Relation Company:
In order to raise awareness of lung cancer in general and IASLC, in particular, to public and political audiences and to the scientific community abroad, the organization decided half a year ago to retain services from a PR company. The Board of Directors received several impressive applications and selected two US companies for interviews. At the recent Board of Director’s meeting in Atlanta the Board approved the selection of the Washington DC based worldwide company “SPECTRUM”. The company has developed a detailed plan for their IASLC activities, which includes interactions with international cancer societies and public and political forums in the US, Europe and the Far East. The company has offices in several parts of the world.

Journal of Thoracic Oncology listed in AMADEO and OVID:
The IASLC Journal will be listed from June/July 2006 in the global search vehicles AMADEO and OVID, making the published articles available for many readers in Europe and the US. The journal has now also been accepted in Current Contents/Clinical Medicine and SCIE. The Chief Editor and the Editorial Board of JTO have decided to make an application this fall to the US National Library for Index Medicus/PUBMED for being listed, and a decision is expected to be made in February 2007. If JTO is accepted, all of the articles published since January 2006 will be retrospectively listed in PUBMED.

In Memoriam:
Tsuguo Naruke, MD, Tokyo, Japan, a very valued long term member of IASLC, passed away May 20, 2006. The international thoracic surgery community has lost one of the most significant thoracic surgeons. Dr. Naruke contributed much to the surgical treatment of lung cancer, particularly TNM staging by his Naruke’s map. He worked at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo for many years. Sympathy and thoughts go to his family and many friends throughout the world.

The Forth International Conference on Malignancies of the Chest and Head and Neck Cancer, Chicago, October 26-29, 2006:
IASLC has joined The University of Chicago in arranging this conference, which has a broad educational and scientific program, and should appeal to the academic community as well as doctors in private practice. Dr. Everett Vokes will chair the conference. Please
note the deadline for abstract submission is July 14, 2006. Please, see further information at

ASCO 2006 Advanced Clinical Research Award in Lung Cancer:
The ASCO Annual Meeting has just passed and the lung cancer community was very active with more than 400 published abstracts in the different lung sessions. Thanks to the many IASLC members who were involved. As something new for this year ASCO has announced a grant specific to lung cancer research. The ASCO Foundation and Genentech BioOncology invite physicians with full-time faculty appointments to apply for a clinical oncology research award in lung cancer. The eligibility criteria and selection process are described at
The award amount is $450,000 over a three year period. Letter of intent is due by June 29, 2006.

14th IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer 2011:
The IASLC Board of Directors received seven excellent applications for hosting the World Conference in Europe in 2011. The Board has decided to make site visits to three cities: Paris, Turin and Amsterdam. The decision will be made at the Board meeting in September 2006.

IASLC welcome 27 New Members from May 1 – May 31, 2006:
Claudia Bagnes, MD
Oscar Arrieta, MD
Naveed Alam, MD, FRCSC
Michel Van den Heuvel, MD, PhD
Gerarda JM Herder, MD, PhD
Ricardo Beyruti,
Stephen Stefani, MD
Carlos Vallejos, MD
Andre Moraes, MD
Niels Henrik Holländer, MD
Marcos Zuil, MD
Anders Mcllemgaard, MD, PhD
Christopher J. Warburton, MD
Shirin Karimi, MD
John Eckardt, MD
Shoshana Keren-Rosenberg, MD
Randa El-Zein, MD, PhD
Ivonne Marondel, PhD
Jeroen Vam Beek, PhD
Giulio Rossi, MD, PhD
David Raben, MD
Massimo Torre, MD
Timothy O'Donnell, D.O.
Paul Bogner, MD
Johann Christoph Brandes, MD, PhD
Beatriz Amendola, MD, FACR
A. Robert Kagan, MD

Coming IASLC Workshops and meetings:
June 30-July 2, 2006 Inaugural IASLC Australian Lung Cancer, Conference on Multidisciplinary Care Place: Palm Cove, North Queensland, Australia Email:
September 25 - 26, 2006 11th IASLC International Workshop Early Invasive Lung Cancer: New Diagnostic Tools & Treatment Strategies Place: Turin, Italy Email: For more information, visit
October 12-15, 2006 The 3rd Pan Pacific International Lung Cancer Conference held in conjunction with The 3rd China North and South Lung Cancer Summit Place: Shanghai, China Email: Contact: Susanne Blassingille
October 26-28, 2006 4th International Chicago Symposium on Malignancies of the Chest and Head & Neck Place: Sheraton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois Email: For more information, please visit
November 8-12, 2006 3rd IASLC/ASCO International Conference: "Molecular Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer" Place: Taormina, Sicily Email:
December 1-3, 2006 2nd Asia-Pacific Lung Cancer Conference Place: Guangzhou, China Email: Contact: Dr. Yi-Long Wu
September 2-6, 2007 The 12th World Conference on Lung Cancer - IASLC Place: Seoul, Korea Contact: Conference Secretariat
E-mail: For more information, please visit