January 2008

Dear Colleagues,
A new year has started and many exciting IASLC activities are ahead of us. The year 2007 was very prosperous for the IASLC and we increased the membership with 547 new members.
We have just finished a new round of applications to the IASLC Fellowships/Young Investigator Awards, and we received a record number of applications from all over the world (see below). The IASLC has joined other international organizations (ESMO, ASCO, ASTRO) in organizing international cancer conferences, and we encourage as many IASLC members as possible to participate in these conferences. Furthermore, there are 7 IASLC workshops in US, Thailand, Switzerland, UK, Chile and India planned to be sponsored by IASLC.
The Journal of Thoracic Oncology is fast growing, and with the many high quality articles including the recent published new staging recommendations we expect a high impact factor already only few years after its inception.
The Editor of the IASLC Newsletter will present for the IASLC Board of Directors a proposal for an expansion of the Newsletter to include more general information relevant for the lung cancer community and the IASLC membership.
Thus, we are expecting an exciting IASLC Year 2008 and I hope it will be a successful year for all of our members!
Fred R. Hirsch, MD, PhD
Editor, IASLC Newsletter

IASLC Fellowships/Young Investigator Awards:
We received 26 applications this year. From Asia: 1applicant, Europe:6 applicants and from US/Canada: 19 applicants. We strongly encourage members from Asia and Europe to send more applications and will promote this in our 2008 meetings in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
In this round there are 8 fellowships/awards available, and the review committee is currently evaluating the applications. The results should be ready in March 2008.

IASLC 8th Annual Targeted Therapy Meeting, Santa Monica, California.
This year, the Lung-SPORE Winter Meeting will be in conjunction with this workshop. We hope as many as possible will attend these meetings. For further information, see below.
For more information please contact

IASLC/ ESMO 1st European Lung Cancer Conference:

This conference has already garnered more than 200 high quality abstracts, and the organizing committee is currently in the process of organizing the oral and poster sessions. Program, registration and additional information are available at

IASLC/ASTRO/ASCO/University of Chicago Thoracic Oncology Conference:
Please, be aware of the date for this conference and encourage as many members as possible submit abstracts. 

The 2008 Chicago Multidisciplinary Symposium in Thoracic Oncology (formerly the Chicago Symposium Malignancies of the Chest and and Neck) will bring together specialists, from North America abroad, presenting lectures symposia on an interdisciplinary approach for the treatment of cancers. The scientific program provide information on the latest developments in basic and clinical research. The meeting is co-by ASTRO, the American Society Clinical Oncology, the International Association for the Study of Cancer and the University of Radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy are used together treat lung cancer and a multidisciplinary meeting will interaction between these disciplines order to achieve advances in care. Call for abstracts will open in 2008. Meeting information can found at www.oncologymeetings.Questions can be sent to


Nico van Zandwijk


Nico van Zandwijk, MD, PhD: Dr. Zandwijk, the current Head of Thoracic Oncology Program the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, accepted a position as a Chair of a new Thoracic Oncology Institute at the University of Sidney, Australia from March 1st, 2008. However, Dr. Zandwijk will still have close contact with the cancer community in Amsterdam and will maintain appointment at The Netherlands Cancer Institute.
Dr. Zandwijk, who is also a member of the Board of Directors, will continue as a co-chairman the World Conference on Lung Cancer in Amsterdam 2011.




Upcoming Workshops
February 20-23, 2008
8th Targeted Therapy Meeting
Place: Santa Monica, CA
For more information:

March 19-21, 2008
Perspective in Lung Cancer Treatment
Place: Chaing Mai, Thailand
Contact: Sumitra Thongprasert
For more information:

April 24-26, 2008
IASLC/ESMO Lung Cancer Conference
Place: Geneva, Switzerland
Contact: Pia Hirsch
For more information:

July 2008
International Lung Cancer Conference Liverpool 2008
Place: Liverpool, UK
For more information: or ILCCL Presentation

October 9-10, 2008
3rd Latin American Cancer Conference
Place: Vina del Mar, Chile
Contact: Nise Yamaguchi, MD
For more information: or

November 13-15, 2008
Malignancies of the Chest and Head and Neck
Place: Chicago, Illinois
For more information:

December 5-7, 2008
3rd Asia Pacific Lung Cancer Congress
Place: Convention Center - Hotel Marriott Hyderabad - Hyderabad, India
Contact: Dr. AA Ranade
For more information:

New Members:
Jenette Creaney
Rainer M. Bohle
Ana Oton
Norman Saffra
Nicholas Frusch
Georgia Perpati
Andre Moreira
Vincent Ninane
Byran Litton
Els De Droogh
Martin Barr
William Gerald
William John
Miguel Tedde
Koji Tsuta
Feng-Ming Kong
Mario Ghefter
Suzanne Dahlberg
Antonio E. Martin-Ucar
Sandeep Reddy
Lanjun Zhang
Eric Sbar
Xiaodong Li
Charles F. Thomas
Laurel Rhyne
Ken Yoneda
C. Wayne Holley
Sai Yendamuri
Boone Goodgame
George Ruskan