July 2010

Dear Colleagues:
The IASLC proudly announces these recent successes:
The Journal of Thoracic Oncology has just been recognized with a 2009 impact factor of 4.5, an increase from 3.5 in 2008. Great credit to the Chief Editor, Jim Jett, the Associate Editors and to the IASLC!
The recent IASLC/ESMO Lung Cancer Meeting in Geneva was a huge success with about 1700 participants. The IASLC and ESMO have recognized the success of those meetings and have agreed upon continued joint Lung Cancer Meetings every 2nd year.
The IASLC Nominating Committee is preparing the Election of new Directors in 2011. Names of potential candidates can be forwarded by the IASLC members (see below).
The new IASLC Textbook on Lung Cancer was just published and made available for purchase (see below).
As mentioned in previous Newsletter, the Board of IASLC has decided to develop regional Regents within IASLC to facilitate and develop closer links to regional scientific organizations and individuals. The President –Elect, Dr. Peter Goldstraw is leading this effort and more details are described below.
The new IASLC Headquarters is being planned and will soon be established in Denver, Colorado, USA. The Board of Directors is currently in the process of preparing for the search and announcement of the new IASLC staff. The IASLC Headquarters will be located in a new location at the campus of the University of Colorado, but will be independent of the University. More details about the new Headquarters and the staff recruitment will be distributed in upcoming Newsletters.
The Editor, the Board of Directors and the Executive Office want to wish all the members a happy and healthy summer season.
Fred R. Hirsch, MD, PhD

IASLC Staging Manual:

The IASLC Staging Manual and Handbook in Thoracic Oncologic has now surpassed 35,000 copies sold worldwide. In addition, the Staging Posters and Reference Cards continue to be popular reference aids of the 7th edition staging system for practitioners and tumor boards. IASLC members can continue to order these publications and products at special member pricing (; contact for further information).

In addition, translations of these publications have been completed or are in process in multiple languages: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Turkish. Discussions about future translations in Spanish, Arabic, and Russian are ongoing.

Staging Manual

iPhone/iPAD Staging Atlas

The new IASLC Staging Manual has been published in different formats. Several years of work from the IASLC Staging Committee and particularly the chair Dr. Peter Goldstraw, has resulted in a formal staging manual. The book and the “pocket-cards” can be ordered at

JTO Mobile options

JTO is available for your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone, in a view designed for easy reading on a small screen. Type into your phone’s browser to access the site. You can view current issue table of contents, most viewed articles, most emailed articles, or search across issues. If you have created a user name and password on the desktop version of, you can use that same log in information to view full text articles, complete with illustrations.

IASLC Textbook – Editor in Chief: 
Harvey I. Pass, MD

Lung Cancer Book

Lung Cancer Book from Lippincott: The Fourth Edition of Principles and Practice of Lung Cancer, edited by Harvey I. Pass, MD et al is now available. For more information about the 1040 page book, with 330 illustrations (ISBN-10:0-7817-7365-2) or

ASCO/ASTRO/IASLC/University of Chicago 2010 Multidisciplinary symposium in Thoracic Oncology,
December 9-11, 2010 - Chicago
The Abstract Submission is now open! Deadline July 14, 2010
To view the symposium Web site visit: To view the call for abstracts or submit an abstract visit: Click here for more information.

JTO – Epub now available
A new download option has been added to articles on the journal web sites: epub.
Epub is as close to a universal ebook format as currently available. The Kindle does not support it, but it is supported by:
iBooks (ereader app available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Stanza (ereader app available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Nook (sold by Barnes & Noble)
Kobo (sold by Borders)
Sony Reader


Jessica Donington

Jessica S. Donington, MD. New York University, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery has been awarded by the IASLC and Lung Cancer Foundation of America with $125,000 – Topic: Osteopontin in the diagnosis and molecular mechanisms of non-small cell lung cancer.

Geoffrey Liu
Geoffrey Liu, MD, Ontario Cancer Institute, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada has been awarded by the IASLC and the Lung Cancer Foundation of America with $39,437 – Topic: A pharmacogenetic correlative science companion proposal for NCIC-CTG BR.24. A phase II/III double blind randomized trial of AZD2171 versus placebo in patients receiving paclitaxel/carboplatin
chemotherapy for the treatment of advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.

Francis Shepherd
Frances A. Shepherd, MD, FRCPC Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto has been elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Dr. Shepherd is a former President of IASLC.

Roy Herbst

Roy Herbst, MD, PhD, Chief of Thoracic Oncology Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX has been elected to the Nominating Committee for American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Dr. Herbst serves as a chair of IASLC Communication Committee.

Tom John

Tom John, PhD, IASLC Fellow received at the ASCO Annual meeting 2010 the ASCO Young Investigator Award. He also received the Novartis Oncology Young Canadian Investigator Award.

IASLC Election 2011Announcement
In 2011 there will be an election for a President-Elect from Asia/Australia/South America/Africa and 7 new Board members (2 board members from North America, 2 from Europe, and 3 from Asia/Australia/South America/Africa). The Board of Directors has a total of 15 Directors, 5 each from North America, Europe and Asia/Australia/South America/Africa. The Board of Directors should be diverse in terms of specialty and gender.
New members of the Board of Directors will be elected for a four year period 2011-2015 and the President will serve a total of six years (President-Elect- 2 years, President- 2 years and Past President-2 years)
The following BOD will remain as elected members of the Board from 2009-2011.
North America
Karen Kelly, medical oncology
Hak Choy, radiation oncology
David Carbone, medical oncology
Johan Vansteenkiste, medical oncology
Rolf Stahel, medical oncology
Dominique Grunewald, surgery
Asia/Austrialia/South America/Africa
Keunchil Park, medical oncology
Hisao Asamura, surgeon
The Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the President-Elect and Board seats. You are encouraged to nominate yourself or another IASLC member to one of these positions.
An ideal candidate is one who is actively engaged in the IASLC and consistently attends the World Lung Cancer Conference and/or other IASLC conferences and serves on IASLC Committees.
Nominations will begin on September 15 and close on October 15, 2010.
To nominate an individual please go to the following website to complete the application process.

Regents in the IASLC
The board of the IASLC recently approved a proposal to establish a network of “Regents” around the world. This will see senior members of this organisation appointed to represent the IASLC in individual countries, or a collection of countries in a geographical region. They will act as a conduit between the head office and members in that area, disseminating the Newsletter and local news to the members and ensuring that their concerns and ideas are forwarded to the head office and board. It is hoped that they will liaise with specialist bodies in their region to develop joint membership programmes and links between the societies’ web sites, and by highlighting local obstacles to membership of the IASLC, will increase our impact globally.
It is hoped that where suitable links already exist with regional specialist societies such bodies will be asked to nominate senior people with dual membership. However, at least initially, where such links are not yet established the board will approach selected members who are known to have respect and influence in that region, to ask if they are willing to shoulder the necessary work and responsibility for this task. We will endeavour to ensure an appropriate mix of specialists within the corporate body of Regents worldwide.
The term of office will be that of 2 World Conferences with a second term by mutual agreement. Most of the value of these Regents will depend upon effective email links but it is also intended that the Council of Regents will meet with the board at the IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer held on the odd years and that the Regents in the respective areas will meet at other, Regional conferences held in conjunction with the IASLC during the even years.
The pilot phase of this project will roll out over the next 6 months. If successful the board will consider expanding the programme to include additional regions or by sub-dividing some of the larger regions. We hope that all of our members will embrace this initiative and will collaborate with their Regent to ensure that the board and head office are fully appraised of the local issues and receive all of their suggestions to improve and advance this unique association.
Peter Goldstraw, President-elect, International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC). Past Chair, IASLC Lung Cancer Staging Project.

Young Investigator Research Grant Application Period Now Open!
The National Lung Cancer Partnership is pleased to announce our 6th annual research grant competition. This year, multiple 2-year $100,000 awards are available to clinical and basic science fellows and junior faculty to advance their research in lung cancer etiology, prevention, early detection, treatment, and symptom management.
The purpose of these awards is to drive forward research that will increase understanding of lung cancer risk, biology, and response to treatment, in an effort to fulfill the Partnership’s mission of decreasing deaths due to the disease and helping patients live longer and better lives.
At the time of application, an applicant must hold a doctoral degree (MD, PhD, DO, DrPH, or equivalent), and be a post-doctoral fellow or within the first 5 years of a faculty appointment at a not-for-profit institution in the United States or Canada. Applications addressing sex differences in lung cancer are particularly encouraged. Applicants will be judged on the merits of their research proposal, career development plan, and research environment.
For complete application eligibility and instructions for the awards, please visit the National Lung Cancer Partnership’s website at The application deadline is September 10, 2010. Awards will be announced on or before January 1, 2011.

IASLC Welcomes 48new members from April – June 2010
South Korea
Luciano Carestia
Mirjam Wollner
Jong Ho Cho
John Ferguson
Eun Kyung Choi
Mary Elizabeth Finan
Don G. Morris
Federico Venuta
Si Yeol Song
Allan Krutchik
Ha Yeon Lee
Channing Paller
Osvaldo Aren
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Eun Ju Jeon
Osamu Takahashi
Felipe Bannura
Hiroyuki Sakashita
Suyeon Chon
Cliff Connery
Tatsuya Inoue
Yeh Rim Kang
Christophe Nguyen
Hecheng Li
Yuichi Takiguchi
So Yeon Lim
Deepti Behl
Bai Chong
Joo Young Jung
Leslie Quint
F. J. Ochoa-Carrillo
Rishindra Reddy
Virginie Westeel
Javier Montoro
Susan Guba
Jaime Montes-Gil
Charles Morris
Hans Hoffmann
P. Sunpawerovong
Timothy Mullett
Maria T. Almodovar
United Kingdom
Holli Kawadler
Bassel Al-Alao
Saudi Arabia
Doris Rassl
Michele Cote
Khaled Alkattan
Symantha Anderson
Avrum Spira

Upcoming IASLC Workshops/Meetings
July 8-11, 2010 11th International Lung Cancer Congress Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - USA Email:

July 28-30, 2010 IASLC 4th Latin American Conference on Lung Cancer Location:Buenos Aires, Argentina Email:

August 31-September 3, 2010 10th International Conference of the International Mesothelioma Interest Group (MIG) Location: Kyoto, Japan Email:

September 16-18, 2010 2nd International Thoracic Congress Dresden Location: Dresden, Germany Email:

October 7-9, 2010 3rd Australian Lung Cancer Conference Location: Melbourne, Australia Email:

November 10-14, 2010 4th National Lung Cancer Congress Location: Antalya, Turkey Email:

December 2-4, 2010 4th Asia Pacific Lung Cancer Conference (APLCC 2010) Location: Seoul, South Korea Email:

December 2-4, 2010 12th Central European Lung Cancer Conference (CELCC) Location: Budapest, Hungary Email: Website: One-line registration and on-line abstract submission possibilities are already open! Abstract submission deadline: via Internet September 30, 2010 Early registration: September 30, 2010

December 9-11, 2010 ASCO/ASTRO/IASLC/University of Chicago Multidisciplinary Symposium in Thoracic Oncology Location: Chicago, IL Email: To view the symposium Web site visit: The Abstract Submission site now open. Click here for more information.

February 17, 2011 Tehran, Iran Symposium Update on diagnosis adn treatment of non-small cell lung cancer Location: Tehran, Iran Email:

July 3-7, 2011 14th World Conference on Lung Cancer Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Click here for more information