March 2011

Dear Colleagues:
I am happy to announce that more than 1900 abstracts have been submitted to the World Conference in Amsterdam, July 2011. That is a historical record for abstract submissions – and we are all looking forward to a very exciting conference! Please make your registration and travel plans as soon as possible.
The IASLC has just awarded 3 Fellowship/Young Investigator Awards – one from each geographical region (see below).
The Board of Directors is planning a 2 day strategic planning meeting in Denver, Colorado, September 2011. The strategic planning meeting will also include representatives from some IASLC committees.
For the World Conference 2017 in Europe the review of the many good candidate cities has been completed and two final candidates host cities will be visited in May 2011; the host city for WCLC 2017 will be announced during the Amsterdam meeting, July 2011.
The IASLC BOD discussed how to make the Newsletter more effective regionally. It was been decided to include “regional news” through the IASLC Regents. Please, communicate with your IASLC Regent if you want specific regional news to be included in the newsletter.
IASLC greetings to Japanese colleagues in a difficult time
The IASLC would like to extend our sympathy to all our Japanese colleagues during this difficult time due to the natural catastrophe occurring in Japan. We hope all our members are doing well and our thoughts go out to the entire nation, with particular attention to those directly affected.
Fred R. Hirsch. MD, PhD
Editor, IASLC Newsletter

Advocacy Organization Travel Awards – WCLC 2011
IASLC is pleased to announce that five travel awards will be granted for sending representatives from five advocacy organizations to Amsterdam for the 14th World Conference on Lung Cancer 2011. This year represents the first year that IASLC has offered travel awards for Advocacy Organizations. The travel awards consist of complimentary registration to the conference, up to five (5) night’s accommodation, a fixed amount to cover travel expenses and free affiliate membership in the IASLC for one year. Applicants for the Advocacy Travel
Award will be required to submit tax information confirming non-profit status, a summary of expected outcomes for attending, and other supporting documentation required by IASLC. It is IASLC’s goal to continue to partner with all advocacy organizations before and beyond the World Conference to increase awareness and funding for lung cancer research on a global scale. The application must be completed online and applications are due by Monday, March 28th, 5:00 PM MST. For more information, visit:

IASLC Fellowship/Young Investigator Awards 2011-2013:
Dr. Yang Wang, Guangdong Lung Cancer Institute and Cancer Center, Guangzhou, China. Project title: Identifying and validating resistance mechanisms for ALK inhibitors in ALK positive NSCLC.
Dr. Martin Sos, Max-Plank-Institute for Neurological Research Cologne, Germany. Project title: Establishing DDR2 mutations as a therapeutic target in squamous cell lung cancer patients.
Dr. Milind Suraokar, U.T. MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA. Project title: CENP-E: Novel therapeutic target in pleural malignant mesothelioma.
IASLC Advocacy Forum (US Based Organizations) Held During Targeted Therapies Conference

IASLC wants to thank the following organizations in attendance for their input on future IASLC contributions to ongoing advocacy efforts in the US. The forum was designed to receive feedback from US advocacy organizations on how IASLC can collaborate with them and provide resources. IASLC is also seeking input from world-wide advocacy organizations to expand the conversation and clarify needs and possible roles of IASLC across the globe in the advocacy arena. If you would like more information on this and future advocacy-related events, please contact IASLC Director of Membership, Kristin Richeimer, at
Lung Cancer Alliance, Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, National Lung Cancer Partnership. Lung Cancer Foundation of America, Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute, Uniting Against Lung Cancer, Lungevity, IASLC. 

WCLC 2011 – July 3-7, 2011
For more information:

New for 2011—IASLC Web-based Education Programs
Starting January 2011, IASLC is introducing new educational programs for its members and for healthcare professionals who are managing patients with lung cancer. The first program titled, “New Developments in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer” features Professor Peter Goldstraw, MD, in a two-part presentation, that reviews the fundamentals of the new lung cancer staging system and examines the role of the TNM staging system of patients with small-cell lung cancer. The new, updated IASLC nodal staging map is also reviewed. In another presentation, Paul Bunn, Jr, MD, address the incorporation of molecular testing into the standard diagnostic workup of patients with NSCLC, and the selection of appropriate treatment for patients. The program concludes with case-study presentations by Drs. Bunn and Harvey I. Pass, illustrating the use of the new staging system and molecular testing.

ASLC Staging Manual:

The IASLC Staging Manual and Handbook in Thoracic Oncologic has now surpassed 35,000 copies sold worldwide. In addition, the Staging Posters and Reference Cards continue to be popular reference aids of the 7th edition staging system for practitioners and tumor boards. IASLC members can continue to order these publications and products at special member pricing (; contact for further information).

In addition, translations of these publications have been completed or are in process in multiple languages: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Turkish. Discussions about future translations in Spanish, Arabic, and Russian are ongoing.

Staging Manual

iPhone/iPAD Staging Atlas

The new IASLC Staging Manual has been published in different formats. Several years of work from the IASLC Staging Committee and particularly the chair Dr. Peter Goldstraw, has resulted in a formal staging manual. The book and the “pocket-cards” can be ordered at

JTO Mobile options

JTO is available for your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone, in a view designed for easy reading on a small screen. Type into your phone’s browser to access the site. You can view current issue table of contents, most viewed articles, most emailed articles, or search across issues. If you have created a user name and password on the desktop version of, you can use that same log in information to view full text articles, complete with illustrations.

IASLC Textbook – Editor in Chief: 
Harvey I. Pass, MD

Lung Cancer Book

Lung Cancer Book from Lippincott: The Fourth Edition of Principles and Practice of Lung Cancer, edited by Harvey I. Pass, MD et al is now available. For more information about the 1040 page book, with 330 illustrations (ISBN-10:0-7817-7365-2) or


Upcoming IASLC Workshops/Meetings 2011

April 7-11, 2011 5th International IASLC/ASCO/ESMO Targeted Therapy Meeting Location: Malta More information:
July 3-7, 2011 14th World Conference on Lung Cancer Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Click here for more information
April 18 - 21, 2012 3rd European Lung Cancer Conference Location: Geneva, Switzerland More information:
November 26-28, 2012 5th APLCC (Asian Pacific Lung Cancer Congress) Location: Hilton Sea Hawk, Fukuoka, Japan Chair: Dr. Yoichi Nakanishi More information: