September 2009

Dear Colleagues:
The IASLC world Conference on Lung Cancer was a historical success with more than 6000 participants. A great thanks to the Conference co-chairs, Drs. David Gandara and Dr. David Jablons and the Scientific co-chair Dr. Giorgio Scagliotti as well as the members of the Educational and Scientific Committees for the tremendous work they put into this conference and for the very exciting program. While this event now goes into the IASLC history, we are now planning for Amsterdam 2011 and Sydney 2013.
For the 16th World Conference 2015 the IASLC Board of Directors has chosen Denver, Colorado, US.
The IASLC is currently in a long-term strategy planning and with the help of a professional strategy planning company very important decisions will be made within the next years, including a decision on the site of a permanent headquarters and the administrative infrastructure. As the organization is rapidly growing new challenges have to be faced. The growing international perspectives and goals will need regional offices and regional infrastructure, which is currently under development within the organization.
We are proud to announce a new round of IASLC Fellowships/Young Investigator Awards, and the application deadline will be early January 2010. More information about these opportunities will be announced in the next IASLC Newsletter.
As mentioned in previous IASLC Newsletter a new IASLC Board of Directors has now started: Dr. David Gandara, President, Dr. N. Saijo, Past, President; Dr. P. Goldstraw, President-Elect; Dr. F.R. Hirsch, Treasurer; IASLC Board of Directors: Dr. H. Pass, Dr. T. Mok, Dr. J. Schiller, Dr. E. Brambilla, Dr. W. Eberhardt, Dr. M. Tsuboi, Dr. K. Fong, Dr. P. Postmus, Dr. M. Boyer, Dr. J. Vansteenkiste, Dr. r. Stahel, Dr. D. Grunenwald, Dr. H. Choy, Dr. K. Kelly, Dr. D. Carbone, Dr. K. Park and Dr. H. Asamura.
Fred R. Hirsch, MD, PhD
Editor, IASLC Newsletter

World Conference in San Francisco – A success!
The World Conference on Lung Cancer, which was held in San Francisco was a historical success!. Altogether 6221 scientists from 90 different countries participated and 750 scientific presentations were included.
Abstracts can be found at and they will be published and distributed as a supplement in Journal of Thoracic Oncology, which will be mailed to all members in near future.

IASLC Staging Manual:

The IASLC Staging Manual and Handbook in Thoracic Oncologic has now surpassed 35,000 copies sold worldwide. In addition, the Staging Posters and Reference Cards continue to be popular reference aids of the 7th edition staging system for practitioners and tumor boards. IASLC members can continue to order these publications and products at special member pricing (; contact for further information).

In addition, translations of these publications have been completed or are in process in multiple languages: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Turkish. Discussions about future translations in Spanish, Arabic, and Russian are ongoing.

Staging Manual

iPhone/iPAD Staging Atlas

The new IASLC Staging Manual has been published in different formats. Several years of work from the IASLC Staging Committee and particularly the chair Dr. Peter Goldstraw, has resulted in a formal staging manual. The book and the “pocket-cards” can be ordered at

JTO Mobile options

JTO is available for your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone, in a view designed for easy reading on a small screen. Type into your phone’s browser to access the site. You can view current issue table of contents, most viewed articles, most emailed articles, or search across issues. If you have created a user name and password on the desktop version of, you can use that same log in information to view full text articles, complete with illustrations.

IASLC Textbook – Editor in Chief: 
Harvey I. Pass, MD

Lung Cancer Book

Lung Cancer Book from Lippincott: The Fourth Edition of Principles and Practice of Lung Cancer, edited by Harvey I. Pass, MD et al is now available. For more information about the 1040 page book, with 330 illustrations (ISBN-10:0-7817-7365-2) or



Georgio Scagliotti

IASLC Merit Award
Giorgio V. Scaglotti, MD
Dr. Scagliotti’s academic interest focuses on clinical implementation of new agents for patients with lung cancer and particularly the clinical development and implementation of pemetrexed. He served in the IASLC Board of Directors from 2003-2007 and was co-chair for the program committees for the World Conferences in Barcelona, 2005 and San Francisco, 2009. Dr. Scagliotti is from 2008 Head, Department of Clinical & Biological Sciences , University of Torino

Masayuki Noguchi

Mary Matthews Award
Masayuki Noguchi, MD
Masayuki Noguchi received his M.D. from the University of Tsukuba School of Medicine in 1982. He completed his surgical pathology training at the University Hospital of Tsukuba and National Cancer Center Hospital (NCCH) in Tokyo. He was section chief of the Pathology Division at the NCCH from 1994 until 1996, when he moved to the University of Tsukuba as Professor of Diagnostic Surgical Pathology. Noguchi has advocated a system for histological classification of small-sized adenocarcinomas of the lung that is now known as the “Noguchi Classification”. Dr. Noguchi has specialized interests in the morphological and molecular biological mechanisms of carcinogenesis and the malignant progression of pulmonary adenocarcinoma.

Stephen Lam

Joseph Cullen Award
Stephen Lam, MD, FRCPC is a graduate of the University of Toronto. He is currently Professor of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Chair of the Provincial Lung Tumor Group at the British Columbia Cancer Agency and Director of the MDS-Rix Early Lung Cancer Detection and Translational Research Program at BCCA. His research interests are early detection of lung cancer, chemoprevention and biomarkers development.

Bruce Johnson

IASLC Scientific Award
Bruce E. Johnson, MD is Director of the Lowe Thoracic Oncology Program at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and leads the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) Lung Cancer Program. He is the principal investigator of the DF/HCC Specialized Program of Research Excellence in Lung Cancer, and holds the position of Professor of Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. His academic interest focuses on how to optimize the use of new targeted therapies in lung cancer and particularly EGFR inhibitors.

Thomas Lynch

IASLC Scientific Award
Thomas Lynch, MD
Dr. Lynch is the Director of the Yale Cancer Center and the Physician-in-Chief at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven. He has focused his career on the care and treatment of patients with lung cancer and on bringing novel translational therapies to the clinic to treat lung cancer. Prior to 2009 he was the Chief of Hematology-Oncology at MGH and an Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School His academic interest focuses on using novel agents in advanced lung cancer. Recently his work has focused on agents directed against the epidermal growth factor receptor and the role of EGFR mutations in lung cancer biology.

16th World Conference on Lung Cancer 2015 to Denver, Colorado
Congratulations to Dr. Fred R. Hirsch and the local organizers for being chosen to host the 16th World Conference on Lung Cancer in Denver, CO. The Colorado multi-disciplinary lung cancer team presented their proposal for the Board of Directors in San Francisco and will now start preparing for the 2015 conference.

Why do patients who never smoked get lung cancer?
IRB-approved protocol using the internet to collect clinical information and blood specimens from 1,500 never smokers with lung cancer
Participants fill out an online questionnaire and send in two tubes of blood (Blood can be drawn at routine clinic visit. Tubes and shipping prepaid)
Blood samples will be used to look for genomic differences between never smokers with lung cancer and never smokers without lung cancer (genome-wide association studies).

Upcoming IASLC Workshops
November 26-27, 2009 8th Spanish Lung Cancer Congress Location: Barcelona, Spain Email:

November 27-28, 2009 EGFR Workshop: Assessment of EGFR status for clinical practice Location: Vienna, Austria Email:

January 11-14, 2010 AACR-IASLC Joint Conference Molecular Origins of Lung Cancer: Prospects for Personalized Prevention and Therapy Location: Loews Coronado Bay Resort, Coronado, California Chairpersons: David P. Carbone, Roy S. Herbst Website:

February 24-28, 2010 10th Annual Targeted Therapies of the Treatment of Lung Cancer Location: Santa Monica, CA Email:

April 28-May 1, 2010 2nd European IASLC/ESMO Lung Cancer Conference Location: Geneva, Switzerland

July 29-31, 2010 IASLC Latin American Meeting Location:Buenos Aires, Argentina

October 7-9, 2010 2nd International Thoracic Congress Dresden Location: Dresden, Germany Email:

December 2-4, 2010 4th Asia Pacific Lung Cancer Conference (APLCC 2010)Location: Seoul, South Korea Email:

December 3-5, 2010 12th Central European Lung Cancer Conference (CELCC) Location: Budapest, Hungary Email:

December 9-11, 2010 ASCO/ASTRO/IASLC/University of Chicago Multidisciplinary Symposium in Thoracic Oncology Location: Chicago, IL Email:

July 3-7, 2011 14th World Conference on Lung Cancer Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Click here for more information

IASLC Welcomes 45 New Members – July – August 2009
A. K. Patane
K. A. Olaussen
S. C. Perez
Dori Giroux
Carlos Sillva
United Kingdom
Kari Chansky
S. Defranchi
Oliver Schmalz
Fergus Gleeson
V. Bolejack
F. Schechter
Raymond Jang
Kyran Bulger
Roy Williams
J. Howington
W. Lockwood
John Bruzzi
John Rogers
M. Barnhill
Raj Chari
M. R. de Christenson
Sorena Nadaf
P. Bradbury
Giovanni Rosti
L. Erhunmwunsee
A. Hagey
John English
James Sullivan
James Suh
Barbara Melosky
Ryu Kanzaki
K. Danenberg
M. Agarwal
Kaga Kichizo
Paul Rykwalder
Scott Raidel
Z. Slobodnjak
Laurence Heifetz
Shadia Jalal
A. Szpechcinski
Sanja Dacic
R. De Jager
P. L. Frandsen
A. Szymanowska
A. L. Gonzalez