September 2010

Dear Colleagues:
I hope you had a good summer season (for those of you in this seasonal period)!
IASLC is now preparing for an active 2010-2011 season. Nominations of new candidates for the IASLC Board of Directors are now on call (see below).
The announcement for the IASLC World Conference 2017 has been released (see below).
The Journal of Thoracic Oncology is doing progress and new features are implemented (see below).
The IASLC will in the coming year put more emphasis into webbased educational programs, which we hope will be widely used.
November is the “Lung Cancer Awareness Month”. IASLC would encourage members to take initiatives on a local, regional and national basis.
IASLC Executive Office has now implemented on-line membership payment
We hope many of you will take advantages of this feature.
Fred R. Hirsch, MD, PhD

New feature at
A ISI Citation Data features to jas been introduced.
# Times Cited Each article will display the total number of times it was cited.
Citing Articles Each article will display a list of the articles that cited it with links where available. Every month new citing article data will be retrieved and displayed on the source articles. Citing article data will appear on LippincottWilliams & Wilkin journals going back to 1995.
This information will appear in the HTML version of the article after the references.
Coming soon, there will be an addition to the Most Popular Web Part, a new tab displaying a list of the journal’s highest impact articles according to the ISI Hot Papers service. New high impact articles will appear every 2 months.
Journals@LWW iPhone application
The Journals@LWW iPhone application is now available for download in the iTunes store.
With the free application users can:

  • Register and identify their specialty of interest. The “My Specialty” section includes all LWW titles in the selected specialty, and displays the most viewed articles.
  • Select individual journals from the full LWW list for the “My Journals” section.
  • Link out to the full-text article on the journal mobile view and access articles by logging in with their journal account (must have an active subscription for articles that are not free). Abstracts are freely available to all users.

Mobile applications are an increasingly important new channel for reaching healthcare practitioners, and LWW is committed to innovative mobile solutions that meet changing user needs for “on demand” content. Journals@LWW for the iPhone represents our first mobile solution to help build brand awareness and discovery of journal content published by LWW.

IASLC Staging Manual:

The IASLC Staging Manual and Handbook in Thoracic Oncologic has now surpassed 35,000 copies sold worldwide. In addition, the Staging Posters and Reference Cards continue to be popular reference aids of the 7th edition staging system for practitioners and tumor boards. IASLC members can continue to order these publications and products at special member pricing (; contact for further information).

In addition, translations of these publications have been completed or are in process in multiple languages: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Turkish. Discussions about future translations in Spanish, Arabic, and Russian are ongoing.

Staging Manual

iPhone/iPAD Staging Atlas

The new IASLC Staging Manual has been published in different formats. Several years of work from the IASLC Staging Committee and particularly the chair Dr. Peter Goldstraw, has resulted in a formal staging manual. The book and the “pocket-cards” can be ordered at

JTO Mobile options

JTO is available for your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone, in a view designed for easy reading on a small screen. Type into your phone’s browser to access the site. You can view current issue table of contents, most viewed articles, most emailed articles, or search across issues. If you have created a user name and password on the desktop version of, you can use that same log in information to view full text articles, complete with illustrations.

IASLC Textbook – Editor in Chief: 
Harvey I. Pass, MD

Lung Cancer Book

Lung Cancer Book from Lippincott: The Fourth Edition of Principles and Practice of Lung Cancer, edited by Harvey I. Pass, MD et al is now available. For more information about the 1040 page book, with 330 illustrations (ISBN-10:0-7817-7365-2) or

IASLC Election 2011Announcement
In 2011 there will be an election for a President-Elect from Asia/Australia/South America/Africa and 7 new Board members (2 board members from North America, 2 from Europe, and 3 from Asia/Australia/South America/Africa). The Board of Directors has a total of 15 Directors, 5 each from North America, Europe and Asia/Australia/South America/Africa. The Board of Directors should be diverse in terms of specialty and gender.
New members of the Board of Directors will be elected for a four year period 2011-2015 and the President will serve at the Board a total of six years (President-Elect- 2 years, President- 2 years and Past President-2 years)
The following BOD will remain as elected members of the Board from 2009-2011.
North America
Karen Kelly, medical oncology
Hak Choy, radiation oncology
David Carbone, medical oncology
Johan Vansteenkiste, medical oncology
Rolf Stahel, medical oncology
Dominique Grunewald, surgery
Asia/Austrialia/South America/Africa
Keunchil Park, medical oncology
Hisao Asamura, surgeon
The Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the President-Elect and Board seats. You are encouraged to nominate yourself or another IASLC member to one of these positions.
An ideal candidate is one who is actively engaged in the IASLC and consistently attends the World Lung Cancer Conference and/or other IASLC conferences and serves on IASLC Committees.
Nominations will begin on September 15 and close on October 15, 2010.
To nominate an individual please go to the following website to complete the application process.


David Johnson

David Johnson, MD has become Chair of Department of Medicine, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX. Dr. Johnson has for many years been Chief of Hematology & Medical Oncology at Vanderbilt University and Deputy Chief of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. Dr. Johnson is previous President of ASCO and previous member of Board of Directors of IASLC.

George Simon
George Simon, MD has recently started as Associate Professor of Medicine & Oncology. Assistant Director, Clinical Investigations, Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston. Dr. Simon moved from Fox-Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and was previously also at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida. Dr. Simon is member of the IASLC Bylaws Committee.

Young Investigator Research Grant Application Period Now Open!
The National Lung Cancer Partnership is pleased to announce the 6th annual research grant competition. This year, multiple 2-year $100,000 awards are available to clinical and basic science fellows and junior faculty to advance their research in lung cancer etiology, prevention, early detection, treatment, and symptom management. The purpose of these awards is to drive forward research that will increase understanding of lung cancer risk, biology, and response to treatment, in an effort to fulfill the Partnership’s mission of decreasing deaths due to the disease and helping patients live longer and better lives. At the time of application, an applicant must hold a doctoral degree (MD, PhD, DO, or equivalent), and be a post-doctoral fellow or within the first 5 years of a faculty appointment at a not-for-profit institution in the United States or Canada. Applications addressing sex differences in lung cancer are particularly encouraged. Applicants will be judged on the merits of their research proposal, career development plan, and research environment. For complete application eligibility and instructions for the awards, please visit the National Lung Cancer Partnership’s website at The application deadline is September 10, 2010. Awards will be announced on or before January 1, 2011.

November – Lung Cancer Awareness Month!
IASLC would like to encourage members in all geographic regions to focus on the Awareness Month with different types of initiatives; seminars, media coverages and other activities. In the exciting time of personalized medicine a focus on tissue acquisition, biomarker assessments and particularly participation in prospective clinical trials would be good themes for the Awareness Month.

IASLC Welcomes 40 new members from June – August 2010
Gustavo Bondulich
Takeshi Kawaguchi
L. M. M. Barrera
B.G. G. Carriquiry
Mariana L. Abal
Akihide Matsumura
Kudo Yujin
C. Van der Graaf
Thomas John
Noritoshi Nishiyama
R. Cornelissen
Nicholas Campbell
Tsuneo Shimokawa
Bruce Goldsmith
Saaduddin Jaigirder
Jun Nakajima
E. R. Adle Acosta
Robert Timmerman
Shinji Atagi
South Africa
John Callison, Jr.
Ian Sas
Toru Bando
Suddhasattwa Ray
M. Rodriguez-Iznaola
Dominican Republic
Yoshinori Hasegawa
South Korea
Alan Stolz
C. Gonzalez-Pons
Masaaki Inoue
Ho Kee Yum
Leena Gandhi
Luis Matos
Shoji Sakiyama
Dong Kim
Marjorie Zauderer
Takuya Aoki
United Kingdom
B. Reyna Asuncion
Tom Treasure
Brian Lally
Jan von der Thusen
West Indies
Ryan Karim
Upcoming IASLC Workshops/Meetings 2010 -2011

September 16-18, 2010 2nd International Thoracic Congress Dresden Location: Dresden, Germany Email:

October 7-9, 2010 3rd Australian Lung Cancer Conference Location: Melbourne, Australia Email:

November 10-14, 2010 4th National Lung Cancer Congress Location: Antalya, Turkey Email:

December 2-4, 2010 4th Asia Pacific Lung Cancer Conference (APLCC 2010) Location: Seoul, South Korea Email:

December 2-4, 2010 12th Central European Lung Cancer Conference (CELCC) Location: Budapest, Hungary Email: Website: On-line registration and on-line abstract submission possibilities are already open! Abstract submission deadline: via Internet September 30, 2010 Early registration: September 30, 2010

December 9-11, 2010 ASCO/ASTRO/IASLC/University of Chicago Multidisciplinary Symposium in Thoracic Oncology Location: Chicago, IL Email: To view the symposium Web site visit: HURRY! Submit Your Abstracts! Only 2 weeks remain before July 14th deadline! Click here for more information.

February 17, 2011 Tehran, Iran Symposium Update on diagnosis and treatment of non-small cell lung cancer Location: Tehran, Iran Email:

July 3-7, 2011 14th World Conference on Lung Cancer Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Click here for more information