September 2013


Peter Goldstraw

 Dr. Peter Goldstraw, President, IASLC Board of Directors

The Newsletter this month contains an invitation for applications for the Regional Organising Committee (ROC) for the 19th World Conference on Lung Cancer to be held in Toronto, Canada in November 2018. We will be explaining the new procedure for selection of the city and ROC of future WCLCs during the conference in Sydney but a brief outline seems appropriate here.

To date Local Organising Committees (LOC) have applied to hold the WCLC in a City and Convention Centre in their part of the geographical region whose turn it was to host the WCLC. A competitive process eliminated some applications and the final selection was undertaken by the board after site visits by members of the head office, ICS, our PCO, and senior board members. As we are moving to annual WCLCs the board felt that we needed to streamline this process, reduce costs and empower our negotiators to reduce the costs of the convention centres. The process now in place consists of 2 steps:

Step 1 is the choice of convention centre. Convention centres in cities within the geographical region whose turn it is to host the WCLC will be approached by ICS and asked if they are interested in bidding to hold the WCLC or may themselves express an interest. A questionnaire will determine which have the requisite facilities. The board will select a long list of candidate centres with whom ICS then negotiate the best financial package each can offer. A committee of three - all of whom are previous conference chairs - will assist head office and ICS in presenting to the board a short list of 2-3 cities. The board will select the successful convention centre usually 6 years in advance. A site visit will only be undertaken if the board considers this to be necessary.

Step 2 is the selection of a Regional Organising Committee. The board wishes this to be a competitive process in which groups of IASLC members within the geographical region bid to undertake the roles of the ROC. Each group should consist of 15-20 members, with appropriate experience and speciality spread to perform the local functions previously performed by the LOC and to form part of the 50% of the Core Programme Committee for that WCLC coming from that region. The board will select which bid is best suited to form the ROC.

Members from within the North American region (Canada, USA and Mexico) have until the 1st of December to submit their proposals to form the ROC for the Toronto WCLC.  You can submit your application online.  A description of the ROC is also available on the IASLC website. We hope our members will be enthusiastic in volunteering for this honour. Any enquiries should be directed to


Paul Bunn

 Dr. Paul A. Bunn, Jr., CEO of the IASLC

The 15th WCLC is just around the corner, Oct. 27-30, 2013 in beautiful Sydney. The record number of abstracts ensures the highest quality of scientific advances. Which members will receive the most prestigious awards? Register to find out. Abstracts will be posted on the conference website on Oct. 1 so you can plan your meeting schedule. The 40 year history of Progress in Lung Cancer and the IASLC will be available to all registrants. In addition, the exciting new ALK Atlas describing predictive biomarkers for ALK TKIs will be provided to all registrants. For those unfortunate members who cannot attend, please be aware of the world-wide “Best of WCLC” meeting that will follow the conference. The virtual meeting will also be made available right after the meeting for a small fee or free from an Eli Lilly representative. See you in Sydney.


Letter from Editor, Dr. Heather Wakelee, Communications Committee Chair 2011-2013



Do you like our new look?  August was our first electronic format newsletter.  We are excited to offer IASLC members the benefit of this new format with the capacity to glance at highlights and click for further in-depth information on topics of interest. With this transition we have also moved the role of newsletter editor to the chair of our communications committee. The IASLC newsletter for the past decade has been carefully crafted by our upcoming CEO Dr. Fred R. Hirsch. Dr. Hirsch spent tireless hours each month to put together a careful update of IASLC events, upcoming conferences and other newsworthy topics.  Through his efforts the newsletter has grown into one of the key benefits of IASLC membership. We cannot thank Dr. Hirsch enough for his role. In his new position as IASLC CEO he will continue to be a major contributor to the newsletter with his own CEO corner. Please let us know if you have any feedback on the newsletter.


The IASLC is taking applications for the regional Organizing Committee for the 19th World Conference on Lung Cancer to be held in Toronto, Canada in Nov. 2018. A description of the ROC can be found on the Policies Page  and you can find an application here.

For those of you traveling to the WCLC in Sydney, please remember to visit the Australian Government's website about information on travel information and visas.

The IASLC will kick off its 40th Anniversary Celebration in Sydney. Look in your delegate bags for the Progress in Lung Cancer booklet. Visit the Parkside Foyer and Parkside Promenade to see IASLC history and lung cancer milestones. And, visit the booth to watch videos, as IASLC experts tell the story of lung cancer over the past 40 years! Support for this project is from Lilly Oncology.

Also in Sydney, the IASLC will debut the IASLC Atlas of ALK Testing in Lung Cancer. It is designed to help pathologists, laboratory scientists, and practicing physicians better understand various methods of ALK testing and the interpretation of test results. The book will be given to all WCLC 2013 delegates thanks to support from Pfizer. 

Oct. 1 will be the day the WCLC abstracts will be released on the IASLC and WCLC 2013websites. This will not include late-breaking abstracts or those held for the press program. Following the press conference Oct. 28, all full abstracts will be added to the library.



 Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s 4th Annual “Day at the Races” was held in July. Race day revelers donned their fancy hats made their way down the coast to the beautiful racetrack in Del Mar, California.

Pictured to the left is LCFA President Kim Norris, IASLC CEO-elect Dr. Fred R. Hirsch, Valerie Harper and LCFA Board member Dr. Robert Figlin.

LCFA is planning its 5th Annual “Day at the Races” event. Mark your calendar for the last Sunday in July for next year’s event! LCFA has generously funded three joint fellowships with the IASLC.

Dr. Jessica Donington and Dr. Geoffrey Lui received awards in 2010. Dr. Daniel Costa received an award in 2013. To read about the fellows and get updates on their research please read their bios on the Fellowship Page.



Dr. Patrick Forde received a grant from the IASLC and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. He is studying how the immune system fails to recognize cancer cells as foreign, specifically in non-small cell lung cancer. Forde will study how an anti-PD1 drug called nivolumab benefits patients with NSCLC. Read more.






The IASLC is requesting applications for the Boehringer Ingelheim Chinese Fellowship award to be awarded in 2014. The goal is to reward scientific excellence and to encourage innovative investigations in the field of lung cancer prevention research and translational research with a potential impact on the management of lung cancer. Application and deadline information.  

National Lung Cancer Partnership: Young Investigator Research Grant Competition

The National Lung Cancer Partnership is pleased to announce our 9th annual research grant competition. This year, multiple 2-year $100,000 awards are available to post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty.

The purpose of this Grant Program is to drive forward research that will lead to increasing survival rates for lung cancer patients, while ensuring that young investigators have the resources needed for them to succeed as lung cancer researchers.

We seek applications for research that supports our vision to double lung cancer survival by 2022.

Areas of Interest

  • Improving outcomes for patients with early stage cancer—proposals that have near-term potential to make a dramatic improvement in early stage cures.
  • Improving outcomes for patients with unresectable lung cancer—proposals describing innovative strategies to address challenges in treating locally advanced, oligometastatic, and disseminated metastatic patients.

Pre-clinical, translational, and clinical proposals are eligible for funding, and all proposals must clearly identify how the work will lead to increased survival for lung cancer patients.

At the time of application, an applicant must hold a doctoral degree (MD, PhD, DO, DrPH, or equivalent), and be a post-doctoral fellow or be in the first 5 years of their first faculty appointment at a not-for-profit institution in the United States or Canada.

Complete application eligibility and instructions are available on the National Lung Cancer Partnership’s website:

The application deadline is October 22, 2013. Awards will be announced on or before March 1, 2014.