IASLC Newsletter - March 2018

Immunotherapy has recently emerged as a new treatment modality in lung cancer, and reactivating immune responses that are silenced by immune checkpoints is an idea that has recently gained a lot of interest.

IASLC Newsletter - February 2018

In the last few years a series of quite complex projects, such as TracerX in United Kingdom, have flourished and generated data that has now been published.

IASLC Newsletter - January 2018

It's anticipated that precision medicine will improve all areas of medicine, including the ability to predict an individual’s risk of disease, the disease prognosis and the risk of side effects versus positive response to treatment approaches.

IASLC Newsletter - November/December 2017

First of all let me say that I am really proud to have the opportunity to serve as the IASLC President for the next two years.

IASLC Newsletter - September/October 2017

As the outgoing President of the IASLC, I would like to thank the membership for the honor of being able to serve in this position.

IASLC Newsletter - August 2017

Last month I addressed what role the IASLC will play in the era of digital education and virtual meetings.