IASLC Newsletter - July 2017

In this month’s President’s Corner, I would like to address the following question: In an era of on-line resources and education, what is the role of societies like the IASLC?

June 2017 Newsletter

Lung cancer developments continue at an amazing pace.

May 2017 Newsletter

I am personally committed to making the IASLC as effective as possible at accomplishing its mission of reducing the impact of thoracic cancers worldwide.

April 2017 Newsletter

A major role of the IASLC is to integrate and facilitate multidisciplinary and international collaborations in pursuit of our mission to “conquer thoracic cancers worldwide.”

March 2017 Newsletter

The management of patients thoracic cancers presents both unique opportunities as well as challenges.

February 2017 Newsletter

As the new year begins, the IASLC is reviewing its operations, meetings and publications to best serve its members.