October 2015 Newsletter

The pace of progress in lung cancer is truly amazing and gratifying. In the last few weeks one immunotherapy drug was approved for lung cancer in the USA and another received an expanded indication. We have exciting data on the activity of these agents in small cell lung cancer and mesothelioma presented at the WCLC, and another new drug in small cell presented first there and advancing in clinical trials. New genetic targets are showing their impact on targeted therapies.

September 2015 Newsletter

Wow. We just completed another amazing World Conference in Lung Cancer (WCLC), this time in Denver! The pace of progress in lung cancer is amazing, and the WCLC is again the place to hear about it.

August 2015 Newsletter

Sea water was ink black with fragments of shivering moonlight.

It took a bit of courage to dive into the deep sea of Sipadan (a famous diving resort in Malaysia). With a splash I was in darkness.

July 2015 Newsletter

President's Corner: Sleeping with an enemy

It was a dark rainy night.

While the Typhoon Chan-hom approached Hangzhou, she brought the darkest cloud and tons of pouring rain.

June 2015 Newsletter

President's Corner: I see what you mean

May 2015 Newsletter

President's Corner: To cure or to heal

Personalized license plates are not a novel idea, but only about 10 years ago this service became available to drivers in Hong Kong...