April 2015 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

At the time of this writing, I am attending the “First IASLC Workshop on Small Cell Lung Cancer”, which is held in New York City. This is a landmark event for IASLC!

March 2015 Newsletter

Déjà vu? If immune-oncology is the new gospel for patients with advanced stage NSCLC, Naiyer Rizvi must be one of the key disciples who spread the good news.

February 2015 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

Time is flying! The World Conference in Denver is coming closer, and we hope as many as possible will join us for this conference. Two of our global initiatives will be presented in Denver: the new staging system for lung cancer and thymic cancers, and the new WHO Multidisciplinary Histo-pathologic Classification.

March 2017 Newsletter

The management of patients with thoracic cancers presents both unique opportunities as well as challenges.

January 2015 Newsletter

This year, the results from two large IASLC projects will be presented. The IASLC Staging Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Rami-Porta, will present the new staging system for lung cancer,

December 2014 Newsletter

As we approach the end of the year, I am very proud to share with you that this year has been a very successful year for IASLC!
Our meetings, both regional meetings and smaller meetings/workshops, have been very successful in terms of science and attendance. For the next year we will have the World Conference in September; we will continue our more “traditional” smaller meetings; we will also expand the focused meetings, which will include an expert meeting on Small Cell Lung Cancer in April in New York City, and we will also plan for a specific immunotherapy meeting in the fall of 2015.