July 2014 Newsletter

Education in lung cancer management for doctors in community practices is of high priority for IASLC. I am proud to tell that IASLC has recently made a joint project partnership with American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) to develop educational “class room” programs in diagnosis and management of patients with lung cancer, which will include programs in the US and Europe. IASLC is very proud of this collaborative effort, and the first summit will be held in the US this fall.

June 2014 Newsletter

Personalized medicine is a popular term but yet its success doesn’t come easy. Over the past decade we had successfully established EGFR mutation and ALK mutation as the prime target for personalized medicine. The key ingredients to successful formula of personalize therapy for lung cancer would include driver oncogene, biomarker and established efficacy in the biomarker-selected population ( and lack of such in the biomarker-negative population).

May 2014 Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter - e-Cigarettes and Tobacco Cessation, ASCO Preview, and more.

April 2014 Newsletter (Chinese)

April 2014 Newsletter - 国际肺癌研究协会2014年4月份通讯
(Special feature - simplified Chinese translations, where available.)

April 2014 Newsletter

Spotlight on KRAS Mutant Lung Cancer
Werner H. Kirsten was a young pathologist working at the University of Chicago. He noted with interest that he could transmit leukemia to rats with cell free extract obtained from leukemic mice, which suggested the presence of a microscopic transmitting agent such as a virus.

March 2014 Newsletter

Spotlight on BRAF-Mutant Lung Cancers
President's Corner: The Audi A3 Diesel and Volkswagen Golf Diesel are different cars. They look different, drive differently and are priced differently. However, the fact is that both cars use the exact same TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) engine. Should we consider them to be the same or different cars?