IASLC Foundation

Evgeny Izumchenko

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Izumchenko is a tenure track Instructor in the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Izumchenko has an extensive background in tumor biology, molecular oncology, immunogenetics and genomics technologies.  He has a demonstrated record of successful and productive research projects in an area of high relevance for head and neck and lung cancer biology. His research endeavors focus on understanding the complex interplay between the genetic and epigenetic alterations in carcinogenesis and disease progression, and on exploiting this understanding for developing novel biomarkers for diagnosis and risk stratification as well as in identifying targets for therapeutic intervention.  Dr. Izumchenko’s recent work advanced our understanding of the earliest molecular and cellular events associated with cancer initiation and progression, and has been published in Nature Communications, Cancer Research and Cancer Discoveries.