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IASLC 2014 Annual Report

This report highlights the progress and achievements over the past year and sets the tone for the upcoming year.

The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) celebrated in 2013-2014 its 40 years anniversary. Much has been accomplished over that time as described in the recently published special IASLC Progress in Lung Cancer 40-years Anniversary Monograph. However, lung cancer remains to be a significant health problem and a challenge to conquer. IASLC is committed to the challenges to ensure that optimal care of patients with thoracic malignancies is ensured all over the world. Members, volunteers, and staff of the IASLC have worked diligently to accomplish the goals of the strategic plan and fulfill the mission of the society. Within the report one can find details on the organizational structure, membership, fellowships, education activities, publications, awards, meetings, the strategic plan, advocacy partners and sponsors. Just click to flip through the report below, or click here to download a copy of the report.