Research & Education

Global Curricular Framework

The Education Committee has completed a Global Curricular Framework for thoracic cancer, categorized according to relevant sub-specialties of the IASLC membership. Each of these subspecialty curricula was based on the structure of the IASLC-sponsored Textbook of Thoracic Oncology.

This new curriculum-based framework is anticipated to serve as a foundation for a "lifelong learning" culture in the IASLC. It is envisioned that every IASLC-sponsored educational event will be aligned with this curricular framework, as it will be used prospectively to identify education gaps, and to plan and develop materials for workshops, webinars, and IASLC-sponsored live educational events. The curricular framework will also serve as the reference classification system (or taxonomy) for the planned IASLC on-line education portal, where subspecialty curricula will be used to organize content and tag materials. This curriculum-oriented education portal will also provide centralized access to archived live and distance learning activities, as well as performance improvement CME modules.

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