Squamous Lung Cancer Resources

Squamous Lung Cancer Resources

SqCLC Medical Slide Kits

These slides sets are intended for education purposes only. The content of these comprehensive slides was developed by the SqCLC Consortium, a group of 25 global experts, along with nurses/nurse navigators and patient advocates.  Lilly sponsored and facilitated the initial creation of this educational content via the Consortium.

Module #1: Unmet Need in Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) - This slide kit covers:

• Epidemiology of lung cancer
• Risk factors and comorbidities associated with squamous NSCLC
• Treatment options for squamous NSCLC

Module #2: Continuous Benefit Counts - This slide kit covers: 

• Defining “clinically meaningful improvement”
• Continuous advances in advanced cancer
• Histological subtype influences efficacy and tolerability in NSCLC
• Recent treatment advances in NSCLC
• Recent research on molecular targets for squamous NSCLC
Module #3: Opportunities for New Treatment Options in Squamous NSCLC - This slide kit covers:
• Targeted therapies
• Immunotherapy targets
• Oncogenic drivers
• Ongoing trials in squamous NSCLC


SqCLC Education Program - Key Paper Summaries

This document provides brief summaries of 25 key papers supporting the agreed educational topics of the SqCLC education program for 2015, which are:

  1. The high, unmet need in squamous NSCLC
  2. The challenges to advance treatment
  3. The importance of incremental innovation
  4. The prevalence of currently established biomarkers
  5. The emergence of new pathways

The summaries are presented by topic (diagnosis; epidemiology; risk factors and comorbidities; molecular biology; real-world treatment patterns; 1st-line therapy; maintenance therapy; 2nd-line therapy) and then in alphabetical order. There are between one and seven summaries per topic. The headings on the content page are hyperlinked to each section within the main document.  Each key paper is summarized in an easy-to-digest format under the headings: Key findings; Study objective; Data highlights; and Commentary. Links are provided to the original papers.

Download the summaries


Living With Squamous Cell Lung Cancer: A Guide for Patients

This booklet provides patients and their caregivers with specific information on squamous cell lung cancer, with a focus on the advanced stage of this cancer.  The booklet includes answers to commonly asked questions relating to this disease, including its diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment options, as well as listing additional sources of help, information, and support. 

The booklet has been developed and reviewed by medical experts who treat patients with lung cancer.  The content has also been reviewed by patient advocacy groups to ensure it provides patients and their families with the information that they need.  The booklet has been endorsed by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer and the International Thoracic Oncology Nursing Forum.

Information presented in Living with squamous cell lung cancer: A guide for patients is not intended as a substitute for the advice given by your health-care provider. Lilly provided funding for the development of this booklet.

Download the Booklet (ENGLISH)

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