Supportive Training for Advocates on Research and Science (STARS)

Supportive Training for Advocates on Research and Science (STARS)

What is STARS:

STARS aims to train, develop and nurture lung cancer patient research advocates (PRAs) in the science and realities of lung cancer research. Our goal is to increase the number of PRAs equipped to provide accurate scientific translation in their online or real-life lung cancer patient/caregiver groups and to provide the patient perspective for lung cancer research and policy. STARS was developed by the IASLC in collaboration with lung cancer research advocates and patient advocacy nonprofits.


STARS will accomplish this by:

  • Educating PRAs about the scientific process and how to read and interpret research articles and presentations;
  • Training PRAs to communicate the importance of lung cancer science and research;
  • Pairing each PRA with a lung cancer advocate Mentor from their home country to share experiences, provide encouragement, and facilitate learning;
  • Assisting PRAs in attending and navigating a lung cancer conference (IASLC WCLC 2019);
  • Offering continuing education opportunities to PRAs who complete the program; and
  • Building relationships between PRAs and IASLC members involved in research.

Requirements for all applicants:

  • Have a baseline understanding of lung cancer, with a passion to learn more;
  • Be at least two years beyond your or your loved one’s initial lung cancer diagnosis;
  • Speak fluent English (all program activities and materials will be in English);
  • Have demonstrated your commitment to lung cancer advocacy communications through activities like sharing your lung cancer story in a public forum or participating in a lung cancer patient/caregiver group that educates others about lung cancer;
  • Be a current 2019 member of IASLC (visit the IASLC website to join - it’s free for patients, survivors, and caregivers);

  • Be able to travel to Barcelona, Spain for the IASLC 2019 World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC 2019), which will be held Sept. 7-10, 2019. You musthold or obtain a valid passport valid through March 2020 and necessary visas for travel to and from Barcelona, Spain.

Expectations of successful applications:

  • Complete all program events and deliverables;
  • Interact with assigned Mentor (1 phone call per month)
  • Attend all days of IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) in Barcelona, September 7-10, 2019 (travel paid by program);
  • Select a scientific focus topic and present a communication to the STARS program participants;
  • Develop a plan for using skills learned in the STARS program to communicate with the lung cancer community and/or the public about research in November 2019 (Lung Cancer Awareness Month) and afterwards;
  • Evaluate STARS program design.

If selected, you will receive:

  • Complimentary 2019 WCLC registration
  • Roundtrip coverage of transportation between home and WCLC in Barcelona, Spain
  • Up to four nights' accommodation at one of the Conference contracted hotels
  • Pairing with a mentor from your home country for 6 months

2019 Program Events:


May Select five mentees and pair each with a mentor from their country.
June Group phone call toreview program and introduce participants.
July Two-hour online webinar to review basic science of lung cancer and focus topics. 
August Group phone call to provide an overview of WCLC and what you might expect to see.
September Attend IASLC 2019 WCLC in Barcelona, Spain, September 7-10, 2019. 
October Mentee presentations via video call. Each menteee presents on their focus topic in a medium of their choosing (video, graphic, writing or verbal presentations accepted).

If you have any questions about the STARS program, please reach out to Kristin Ito, Patient Advocacy Manager:

Deadline to apply: May 1, 2019 (midnight, Denver, CO, USA)