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New KEYNOTE 021 Data Shows No Association with Tumor Mutational Burden

Sunday, September 08, 2019


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New KEYNOTE 021 Data Shows No Association with Tumor Mutational Burden

Barcelona—Researchers had previously reported data from the KEYNOTE 021 trial that showedantitumor activity for pembrolizumab plus platinum-based chemotherapy in untreated advancednonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer patients. Today at the IASLC 2019 World Conference on LungCancer hosted by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, the same research grouppresented new data from two new groups of patients from this trial.

The researchers, led by Corey Langer from Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania inPhiladelphia, created two new groups: patients in cohort C received pembrolizumab plus carboplatinand pemetrexed. Patients in cohort G were randomized 1:1 to pembrolizumab plus carboplatin andpemetrexed or carboplatin and pemetrexed alone. Tumor mutational burden was determined by wholeexome sequencing of tumor and matched normal DNA.

Langer and the KEYNOTE 021 researchers were able to evaluate TMB data for 70 patients: 12/24 (50.0%)in cohort C, 32/60 (53.3%) in the cohort G pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy arm, and 26/63 (41.3%) inthe cohort G chemotherapy only arm.

TMB as a continuous variable was not significantly associated with objective response rate, progressionfree survival or overall survival for pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy or chemotherapy alone. Therewas no significant correlation between TMB and Tissue Polypeptide-specific Antigen in patients treatedwith pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy.

“In this exploratory analysis, TMB was not significantly associated with efficacy of pembrolizumab pluscarboplatin and pemetrexed or carboplatin and pemetrexed alone as first-line therapy for metastaticnonsquamous NSCLC,” Langer reported. “TMB was also not significantly correlated with PD-L1expression. Among pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy-treated patients, ORR was high in both the TMBlow and high subgroups.”

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