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Improving Reviewer Performance.
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While peer review is critical to academic publishing and research, formal training opportunities for young physicians and physician-scientists are limited. In an effort to improve reviewer performance and quality of manuscript reviews, the IASLC and JTO/JTO CRR will conduct a formalized workshop to train reviewers, in particular, to be able to make judgements on impact of manuscripts, which is the most difficult part of the review process.

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Learning Objectives

This is a one-day workshop held before the Annual WCLC meeting to train young and mid-career IASLC members in manuscript review.

  • To build up a pool of excellent reviewers for IASLC journals
  • To learn technical aspects of publishing, ethics and publication guidelines
  • Understand the review process and learn to be critical reviewers
  • To be capable of judging the impact of a manuscript
  • To make decisions consistent with the impact factor of the journal under consideration

Application Timeline

Application Opens

February 15, 2022

Application Deadline

April 8, 2022

Applicants Notified

May 2022

Workshop Date

August 5, 2022

Workshop Location

Vienna, Austria during WCLC 2022

About the Workshop

Who Should Attend?

IASLC junior and mid-career members, within 15 years of completing their specialist training, with a good command of English language. Applicants who are currently on the reviewer panel of the JTO or JTO CRR are particularly encouraged to apply. Non-IASLC members will be expected to apply for membership.

The 2022 Workshop is open to members from Europe. A total of 20 participants from Europe will be selected on a competitive basis by evaluation of supporting documents.

Members outside of Europe are eligible to attend future workshops held during the WCLC in their regions. For instance, North American members are encouraged to apply for workshops at the WCLC in North America.

Benefits of the IASLC Reviewer Workshop
  • complimentary conference registration
  • accommodation for the conference
  • travel expenses
Application Requirements
  1. A curriculum vitae, including educational qualifications and the institution where they were acquired, and publications in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in which you were an author.
  2. A letter of commitment of no more than 300 words, describing the reason of participating in this workshop, your area of training and date of completed training, commitment to the highest standards of academic publishing and the peer review process.
  3. A letter of support from your supervisor, department head or a member of IASLC in support of your application for this workshop.

Selection Criteria and Process

Applications are reviewed and scored by IASLC staff and an international review committee consisting of IASLC members. Final selections are made from the highest scoring applicants to achieve diversity and regional representation. Applicants will be notified of their status by email in May 2022.

Workshop Director

Journals adjei alex
Alex A. Adjei


Professor of Oncology and Pharmacology; Consultant, Medical Oncology

Mayo Clinic, United States

Workshop Faculty

Journals adjei alex
Alex A. Adjei


Professor of Oncology and Pharmacology; Consultant, Medical Oncology

Mayo Clinic, United States

Woman in white coat smiling
Anne-Marie Baird


Senior Research Fellow

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Enriqueta Felip
Enriqueta Felip


Section in Chief, Medical Oncology Department, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital

Head, Thoracic Oncology and H&N Cancer Unit, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology

rofessor of Medicine, The University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia, Spain

Jean-Louis Pujol
Jean-Louis Pujol


Chief of Medical Thoracic Oncology

University Hospital Centre Montpellier, France

Woman smiling she has brown hair and is wearing a red dress
Mary Todd


Managing Editor, JTO


Dr. Vun Sin Lim
Vun-Sin Lim


Editorial Consultant, JTO CRR

IASLC, Hong Kong

Review Panel

Journals adjei alex
Alex A. Adjei


Nicola Girard
Nicolas Girard


Lizza Hendriks
Lizza E. Hendriks


Cheryl Ho


Headshot of Dr. Ou
Sai-Hong Ignatius Ou


Paul Van Schil
Paul E. Van Schil


Emily Stone
Emily Stone


Contact Us

For questions regarding the workshop and application process, please contact:

Vun-Sin Lim, PhD [email protected]