Early-Career Opportunities

The IASLC offers many opportunities and resources for education, training, career development, research, and networking.
IASLC's Early Career Opportunities

Supporting our early-career members has always been, and will continue to be, a foundational principle of the IASLC. We offer many opportunities and resources for education, training, career development, research, and networking. Many past IASLC early-career members are now principal investigators on research projects and clinical trials, key opinion leaders, and directors of the IASLC board.

We welcome you to explore our programs below and participate when applicable.

IASLC International Mentorship Program

International Mentorship Program

The IASLC International Mentorship Program is a time-honored professional development program dedicated to the principles of education, mentorship, and collaboration for early-career thoracic malignancies-focused physicians and researchers from economically developing countries globally. The IASLC International Mentorship Program is an initiative designed to develop today’s young investigators into tomorrow’s thoracic oncology leaders. Each year’s participants are assigned well-established mentors who live and work in the region where the IASLC’s annual World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) is taking place. Mentees meet their mentors on-site at the conference and then following the WCLC, they travel to their mentor’s institution for a week to learn from the mentor and meet, interact, and share ideas with other multidisciplinary cancer care and research teams there.

2024 IASLC Academy Mentors & Mentees Named

The IASLC Academy is a prestigious program geared towards early-career physicians worldwide aspiring to pursue academic careers in thoracic oncology. Guided by leading experts, participants benefit from mentorship, research opportunities, and career development insights.

The Academy mentors are seasoned professionals who offer guidance and assistance to mentees undertaking research projects within diverse realms of medical and radiation oncology, pathology, and thoracic surgery. Through their extensive experience, mentors serve as invaluable resources, imparting knowledge, and expertise to early career professionals. They facilitate the development of essential skills such as communication, presentation abilities, grant writing, and navigating the complexities of funding. Additionally, mentors help mentees tackle global challenges by fostering problem-solving abilities tailored to the unique landscape of their respective fields. In essence, these mentors play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of professionals, equipping them with the tools and insights necessary for success in their careers.

The program kicks off with seven virtual sessions held throughout the year and culminates in an in-person workshop at WCLC 2024, with potential support for travel expenses and conference registration.

2024 Academy Mentors

2024 Academy Mentors

2024 Academy Mentees

2024 Academy Mentees

IASLC Academy

IASLC Academy 2023

Few things are as integral to the IASLC’s mission as helping support early-career physicians and researchers, which is why the IASLC Academy is one of the association’s most important WCLC-affiliated programs. Taught by a multidisciplinary group of prominent leaders in the field, participants in the program receive mentoring to complete a project and explore topics related to career development and research. The applications for 2024 are now closed. Applications for 2025 will open in the Fall of 2024.

IASLC Reviewer Workshop

JTO-CRR_Hero-0820 - Cropped.jpg

Join the IASLC Reviewer Workshop this year at WCLC 2024! IASLC early and mid-career members, within 15 years of completing their specialist training, with a good command of the English language. Applicants who are currently on the reviewer panel of the JTO or JTO CRR are particularly encouraged to apply.

Education Awards

WCLC Awards 2023

The IASLC offers a variety of education awards to help researchers worldwide participate in the IASLC 2024 World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC 2024). This includes the Early-Career Education Awards, Developing Nations Education Awards, Nurse or Allied Health Professional Education Awards, Patient Advocacy Awards, Early Career in Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation Awards, and Developing Nation in Tobacco Control Awards. All award winners are determined by an international, multidisciplinary review committee composed of IASLC members. 

Grants and Fellowships

Locating and securing funding can be challenging. The International Lung Cancer Foundation provides numerous opportunities for early-career researchers to chase their dreams.