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With the advent of the all-virtual era due to COVID-19, IASLC has several corporate partnership opportunities for our upcoming meetings. In addition to our meeting and event opportunities, there are also myriad resources and programs that allow for specialized partnerships—everything from podcasts to digital publications to textbooks.

Ways to Partner With Iaslc

With the advent of the all-virtual era due to COVID-19, IASLC has several upcoming meetings that are raising the bar for these types of events. With opportunities for exhibitor interaction and a global multidisciplinary audience, the IASLC welcomes corporate partners. There are also myriad resources and programs—everything from podcasts to digital publications to textbooks.


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The 2020 World Conference on Lung Cancer will be held virtually January 28-31. There will be multiple opportunities for interaction.

Other Virtual Meetings

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Contact us to learn more about our Hot Topic: Liquid Biopsy (October 2-3) and our North America Conference on Lung Cancer (October 16-17) virtual meetings.

Advocacy initiatives

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Help us engage patients and patient advocates in new and exciting ways.

Committee Projects

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Committee projects often involve closer looks at standard of care and how to improve it through discussion, education, and dissemination of data.

Research Funding

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Each year the IASLC supports young researchers in order to reward scientific excellence and to encourage innovative research in lung cancer prevention and translational medicine worldwide.

IASLC Academy

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Tailored to for a diverse group of early-career physicians interested in a longitudinal mentored learning experience.

IASLC Mentorship Program

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Early-career physicians, researchers, nurses, and allied health professionals from economically-developing countries are matched with well-established scientific and clinical mentors.

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From product-specific campaigns to corporate-wide partnerships, the ways to partner with the IASLC are limitless. Contact us to discuss your needs and interests, and let us develop a specialized opportunity to bring you and our global audience together.