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2019 Lectureship Award Winners

Prof Faivre-Finn

Prof Corinne Faivre-Finn, FRCR, MD, PhD

Honorary Consultant Oncologist and a Professor of Thoracic Radiation Oncology at The University of Manchester
United Kingdom

James D. Cox Lectureship Award for Radiation Oncology

Prof Faivre-Finn is an Honorary Consultant Oncologist and a Professor of Thoracic Radiation Oncology at The University of Manchester with an interest in lung cancer. She trained in Paris until 1998 and took a consultant post at The Christie in 2001. She was appointed as Professor of Thoracic Radiation Oncology at the University of Manchester in 2015. Prof Faivre-Finn is an active member of several national and international research committees including:

At the Christie Hospital in Manchester, Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn specialises in treating lung cancer. She is leading several important clinical trials, including CONVERT and LungART, to find out the best ways of combining radiotherapy and chemotherapy to treat the disease.

She is also testing more targeted ways of giving radiotherapy, called IMRT and SABR, to find out if they are effective for lung cancer patients who can’t have surgery.

Despite lung cancer being the most common cancer in the world, survival is poor and has changed little over the years. Clinical trials like the ones Professor Faivre-Finn is leading are essential to improve this situation and keep families together for longer.

Roman Thomas

Prof Roman K. Thomas, MD

The Department of Translational Genomics at the University of Cologne

Adi F. Gazdar Lectureship Award for Translational Science

Dr. Roman Thomas is a professor and chair of the Department of Translational Genomics at the University of Cologne. His lab's mission is to understand the impact of somatic genetic alterations in cancer cells on the highly complex regulatory network of signaling pathways.

Giulia Veronesi

Giulia Veronesi, MD

Chief of the Robotic Thoracic Surgery Unit among the Division of Thoracic and General Surgery in Humanitas Research Hospital

Robert J. Ginsberg Lectureship Award for Surgery

She is a member of the committee on robotic cardio-thoracic surgery of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) and faculty member of European Society of Thoracic Surgery (ESTS). She is also a founding member of the Clinical Robotic Surgical Association (CRSA). She is active member of other international societies such as the International  Association on Study of Lung Cancer and the European Society of Medical Oncology.

Since 2004 she  has led one of the largest European lung cancer screening programs (the COSMOS 1 and 2 studies) using low dose Computer Thomography and molecular markers in high risk individuals.

Since 2006 she developed a pioneer program the robotic surgery program for thoracic disease and performed more than 250 robotic surgical procedures as first surgeon. Recently she become proctor of robotic surgery and trained thoracic surgeons in Geneve Huniversity Hospital and in different  italian centers.

She is Principal investigator of different NCI-supported trials focused mainly on lung cancer chemoprevention including the ongoing randomised double-blind phase II cancer prevention trial comparing daily aspirin with placebo in persons with subsolid nodules on LDCT. She designed and coordinated an ongoing Italian multicentric randomised trial on limited resection versus standard lobectomy for stage Ia non small cell lung cancer. She has been invited speaker at more than 60 national and international conferences as expert in the field of lung cancer prevention, lung cancer early detection and robotic minimally invasive thoracic surgery.

She is author and coauthor of more than 150 papers on international peer reviewed journals and authors of 8 book chapters. HI 22, IF 256.

Caroline Dive

Caroline Dive, PhD

Heine H. Hansen Lectureship Award for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Caroline Dive is the current President of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR), the Deputy Director of the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Manchester Institute, the Director of the CRUK MI Biomarker Centre, as well as a Professor of Cancer Pharmacology at the University of Manchester in England.


  • PhD, Experimental Cancer Therapeutics, MRC Clinical Oncology Experimental Radiotherapeutics Unit, Cambridge
  • BPharm, The School of Pharmacy, University of London


Kahren M. White

Kahren M. White

Occupational Therapist

IASLC Lectureship Award for Nursing and Allied Health Professionals

Kahren White is an occupational therapist with 20 years clinical experience in oncology and palliative care. For the last 12 years she has focused on occupational therapy interventions for people living with thoracic malignancies, also researching and publishing in the area of breathlessness.
Kahren works at the Cancer Institute NSW in the area of cancer system improvement, as well as in her own private medico legal occupational therapy practice working with people with asbestos related diseases.

Emily Stone

Emily Stone, MD

Consultant Respiratory Physician and Acting Head of Thoracic Medicine within the Department of Thoracic Medicine and Lung Transplantation at St Vincent’s Hospital

IASLC Lectureship Award for Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation

Emily Stone is Chair of the IASLC Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation Committee and a member of the TSANZ ENDS working group. Dr. Emily Stone is a Consultant Respiratory Physician and Acting Head of Thoracic Medicine within the Department of Thoracic Medicine and Lung Transplantation at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. She is a conjoint Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and the Chair of the St Vincent’s Hospital Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Team (MDT). Her chief clinical and research interests are in the fields of lung cancer screening, multidisciplinary team care and tobacco control. She trained in respiratory medicine in Australia and is finalising doctoral studies in clinical data science in multidisciplinary team care via the University of Sydney. She is the NSW Principal Investigator for the International Lung Screen Trial (ILST) investigating low dose CT screening for lung cancer in Australia and internationally. Committee memberships include IASLC Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation Committee (immediate past chair), member of the Cancer Council Australia Working Party for Clinical Practice Guidelines in Lung Cancer, member of the TSANZ ENDS/ENNDS Position Paper Working Party and Head of the Lung Cancer Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Society of Respirology.

Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan, MD

Senior Consultant at the Division of Medical Oncology at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS)

Daniel C. Ihde Lectureship Award for Medical Oncology

Dr. Tan is a Senior Consultant at the Division of Medical Oncology at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) and a senior clinician-scientist at Genome Institute of Singapore.  His main area of interest is in thoracic, head and neck malignancies and drug development. He currently leads the Experimental Cancer Therapeutic Unit (ECRU) at NCCS, and has been instrumental to growing it to one of the largest phase I unit in Asia, running up approximately 30 -40 trials at any one time. He is also the Principal Investigator of the Cancer Therapeutics Research Laboratory at NCCS focused on developing representative patient- derived preclinical models to gain insights to drug response and resistant, complementing his role as the principles investigator for multiple biomarker-driven early phase clinical trials including first-in-human studies. He is the principal investigator for the National Medical Research Council Lung Cancer Large Collaborative Grant (2019-2023), and Chairs the Asian Thoracic Oncology Research Group, the latter set up as a platform to coordinate translational research and clinical trials in the region.

Dr. Tan’s research interests include rational application of “omics” technologies to unravel drug resistance in cancer therapeutics and accelerating the development of novel agents and biomarkers in the clinic. His research has been recognised through multiple local and international awards, including European Society of Medical Oncology Congress Travel Award, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Merit Awards, ASCO Young Investigator Award as well as most recently being awarded the IASLC Daniel C. Idhe Lectureship Award in 2019, the latter in recognition of his work in the field of medical oncology and extensive contributions to the lung cancer arena. Dr Tan also holds a SingHealth GCEO Outstanding Clinician-Researcher Award and a National Medical Research Council Clinician-Scientist Award. He has published widely in journals including Nature, Nature Medicine, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, The Lancet Oncology and Journal of Clinical Oncology. Dr Tan is the past Chair of the Education Committee of the International Association for Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) and has participated in the organising scientific committees and faculty member for multiple international conferences including WCLC, ESMO and ASCO. In ESMO 2021, he is the track chair for translational research. He has been active in developing educational resources to enhance quality of lung cancer care globally and is currently involved in The Lancet Commission on Lung Cancer. He serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Thoracic Oncology and is the conference chair for the World Conference in Lung Cancer, the flagship and largest interdisciplinary conference of the IASLC.

Paula A. Ugalde , MD

Paula A. Ugalde , MD

Director Oncology Research Program , Institut Universitaire de Cardiologie et de Pneumologie de Québec (Hôpital Laval)

Clifton F. Mountain Lectureship Award for Staging

Director Oncology Research Program , Institut Universitaire de Cardiologie et de Pneumologie de Québec (Hôpital Laval)

Raja M. Flores, MD

Raja M. Flores, MD

Chairman for the Department of Thoracic Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center
United States

Tsuguo Naruke Lectureship Award for Surgery

Considered a leading expert in the study and treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma, Dr. Raja M. Flores is Chairman for the Department of Thoracic Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. In addition to his medical degree, Dr. Flores also completed a clinical effectiveness program at Harvard’s School of Public Health and received an M.S. in biostatistics from Columbia University.

Certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, Flores has served as the clinical assistant professor of cardiothoracic surgery at Cornell University Medical College, New York, and assistant professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the same institution. In addition to speaking English, Dr. Flores is fluent in both Spanish and Arabic, allowing him to more easily serve the diverse population of the New York City metropolitan area.

As a researcher, Dr. Flores has participated in and led many clinical trials, including several involving the study and treatment of malignant mesothelioma. Recent trials include a large study that involved the use of neoadjuvant gemcitabine and cisplatin followed by extrapleural pneumonectomy and high dose radiation for the treatment of malignant mesothelioma patients, and another which examined the use of neoadjuvant Alimta/cisplatin, extrapleural pneumonectomy, and high dose radiation to treat mesothelioma.

Main Speciality: Thoracic Surgery

Other Interests & Specialties: Malignant pleural mesothelioma, lung cancer screening, thoracoscopy, VATS lobectomy, intraoperative chemotherapy, tracheal, carinal, esophageal surgery, neoadjuvant gemcitabine and cisplatin, extrapleural pneumonectomy, neoadjuvant Alimta/cisplatin and pleurectomy decortication.

Certifications, Awards & Accolades: Merit awards from American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS), The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), General Thoracic Surgical Club, Cardiothoracic Surgery Network, European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS) and the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery

Education & Experience:

  • Medical Degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Residency at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston/Dana Farber Cancer Institute