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Your membership in the IASLC Legacy Society involves no dues, ongoing obligations, or solicitations, but it does allow us to acknowledge your commitment to sustain IASLC’s efforts for the long term. Benefits of membership in the IASLC Legacy Society include a perpetual listing in future annual reports, regular mission updates, and a token of our appreciation identifying you as someone who has provided this most meaningful gesture of support. IASLC is also available to assist in the creation of the plan that is right for you while supporting our vital mission. The most important benefit you will receive from joining the IASLC Legacy Society is the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to IASLC’s mission of providing funding opportunities each year to facilitate research advances and save lives.

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Dr. Adi Gazdar and Celia Gazdar


Adi Gazdar, MD, a true giant in the field of lung cancer research, left a scientific legacy of great contributions to the world of pathology.

His profound impact on lung cancer research is chronicled in this ILCN article from 2019 following his passing – Lung Cancer Pathology Pioneer Dr. Adi Gazdar.

Dr. Gazdar and his wife, Celia, also left a transformative legacy to IASLC and our mission through their thoughtful, planned gifts to IASLC. By naming IASLC as a charitable beneficiary to their estate, including the transfer of royalties from Dr. Gazdar’s pioneering work, Adi and Celia strengthened the mission of IASLC for the long term. They ensured that young investigators will continue to have opportunities for grant funding through IASLC, especially in pathology, as they launch their careers in lung cancer research.

On behalf of our members, IASLC thanks Dr. Adi and Celia Gazdar and their family for this incredible gift and for setting this wonderful example for others.