IASLC Award Recognizes Importance of Cancer Care Teamwork at Annual World Conference

IASLC Award Recognizes Importance of Cancer Care Teamwork at Annual World Conference

Press Release
Aug 05, 2022

Contact: Chris Martin, IASLC Media Relations, cmartin@davidjamesgroup.com, 630.670.2745

VIENNA, Austria (Aug. 6, 2022) — The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer awarded three cancer care teams today from around the globe with one of the association’s most prestigious awards—the IASLC Cancer Care Team Award (CCTA) during the IASLC 2022 World Conference on Lung Cancer.

The CCTA recognizes a single institution in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia/the Rest of the World that provides exceptional care for patients with lung cancer and thoracic malignancies. 

Teams are nominated by patients/survivors, caregivers/partners, and/or family members. A nomination can include up to six individuals from the care team (e.g., oncologist, surgeon, nurse, palliative care provider, etc.). Nominations are accepted from all around the world. 

“Lung cancer care requires the contributions from strong multi-disciplinary teams to offer the best therapy for today’s patients,” said IASLC President Dr. Heather Wakelee. “This year’s Cancer Care Team Award winners all demonstrate tremendous commitment to patient care and communication.”

Asia/ROW Regional Winner -Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, Shanghai, China

  • Dr. Caicun Zhou, Medical Oncologist, Lead Nominee
  • Hongchen Liu, (刘鸿程), Thoracic Surgeon
  • Yiming Zhou, (周逸明), Thoracic Surgeon
  • Jie Cheng,(程洁), Nurse/Nurse Practitioner
  • JunYan Ye, 叶俊彦), Nurse/Nurse Practitioner  
  • Lijuan Chen,(陈丽娟), Nurse/Nurse Practitioner   
  • Jing Wang,(王兢), Nurse/Nurse Practitioner
  • Shengxiang Ren,(任胜祥),Medical Oncologist
  • Anwen Xiong,(熊安稳),Medical Oncologist
  • Fengying Wu(吴凤英, Medical Oncologist
  • Guanghui Gao(高广辉),Medical Oncologist
  • Bin Chen,(陈斌), Medical Oncologist
  • Jia Yu,(郁佳), Medical Oncologist
  • Chunyan Wu,(武春燕), Pathologist
  • Hongyu Wu,(吴红宇), Radiation Oncologist
  • Yaping Xu,(许亚萍), Radiation Oncology Clinical Application Specialist
  • Lihua Yang,(杨丽华), Physician’s Assistant 

A caregiver and nominator of the Asia/ROW team, Weiran (Cici) Cao said, “They are a very professional team with rich experience and enough patience to get to know patients one-on-one and tell them how to face cancer. Unlike some doctors, they are very concerned about the mental health of their patients and often tell their patients that a good attitude is the first step in overcoming the disease. Rather than forcing the patient to do what they do, they give the patient choices that are often the best for the patient.”

North America Regional Winner -- Baptist Cancer Center in Memphis, TN

  • Dr. Raymond Osarogiagbon, Medical Oncologist, Lead nominee
  • Laura McHugh, RN/ Physician Nurse
  • Dr. Todd Robbins, MD/Thoracic Surgeon 
  • Sam Signore, RN/ Physician Nurse
  • Samantha Parker, RN/Nurse Navigator
  • Christie Ellis, RN/Nurse Navigator
  • Jasmine Banks, BA/Multi-Intake Navigator

“The entire team was always compassionate, professional, and offered me hope and a cure,” said Marge Smith, nominator for North America team. “Dr. Osarogiabon was very understanding, gave me the facts, hope for the future. He said that they will always take care of me. I never felt rushed. I did have good and bad days. But the team got me through it.”

Latin America Regional Winner -- Instituto Nacional del Tórax in Providencia, Chile 

  • Dra. María Paz Saavedra, Pneumonologist Lung Cancer Department, Lead nominee
  • Dra. Virginia Linacre, Chief of Thoracic Surgery    
  • Franciso Javier Orlandi, MD, Chief Medical Oncologist    
  • Paola Tudela, MD, Chief of Palliative Care            
  • Dr. Cristian Ibarra, Pneumologist and Early Lung Cancer Detection Coordinator  
  • Sara Chernilo, Chief of Broncoscopy Unit  
  • Carolina Palomo, Chief of Nurses   
  • Dra Cristina Fernández Ferrada, Chief of Pathology         
  • Dr Eduardo Sabbagh, Chief of Radiology  
  • Dr. Francisco Arancibia, Chief of Respiratory Medicine 
  • Dr Moisés Russo, MD, Chief of Lung Radiotherapy          
  • Lorena Cisternas, Lung Cancer Nurse       
  • Claudia Ramos, Secretary of Lung Cancer Unit    

“My mother's medical oncologist and the entire team explained (the situation to) us (without) any doubt. This happened all the time with excellent disposition. These included: sharing with me support group information, very helpful information on workshops with psychologist oncologist. Also, Activities with palliative care team,” said Loreto Aguinaga Cordova, a family member and caregiver who nominated the Latin American team.


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