TERAVOLT: Thoracic cancERs international coVid 19 cOLlaboraTion

TERAVOLT: Thoracic cancERs international coVid 19 cOLlaboraTion

Press Release
Mar 24, 2020

We are facing a global pandemic with COVID-19 and our patients with thoracic malignancies are particularly susceptible. We have formed a global consortium TERAVOLT (Thoracic cancERs international coVid 19 cOLlaboraTion) registry for thoracic cancers)

The goal of this consortium is to gather information on patients with thoracic cancer patients infected with COVID-19. We recognize there are other registries opening specifically for patients on checkpoint inhibitor therapy as well as other tumor types. This registry is designed to capture patients with thoracic malignancies regardless of therapies administered.

We hope to provide you with real time data on therapies that are effective in treating our patients who are infected with COVID-19 as well as answer important questions identifying risk factors for developing COVID-19 and what happens to patients where therapy is delayed.

We currently have 62 investigators from countries worldwide who are participating in this important initiative. We would like to invite you to participate as well.

If you decide to participate we will provide you with a center ID for which you can enter all de-identified patient data. We will provide you with a protocol template for which you can obtain local IRB approval.  LOCAL IRB APPROVAL IS REQUIRED BEFORE DATA ENTRY FOR YOUR SITE COULD BEGIN.

We hope you will consider joining us. If interested please contact Leora Horn at leora.horn@vumc.org or Jennifer Whisenant at j.whisenant@vumc.org or Marina Garassino at Marina.Garassino@istitutotumori.mi.it