Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2023

Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM) brings together a global coalition of lung cancer advocacy groups with the overarching goal of transforming lung cancer survival rates.
Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2023
2023 Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2023

Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM) brings together a global coalition of lung cancer advocacy groups with the overarching goal of transforming lung cancer survival rates. LCAM achieves this by fostering conversations and underscoring the importance of early detection, effective treatment, and robust research efforts. Its key objectives include:

  1. Garnering public backing to enhance research efforts, expand screening initiatives, and improve treatment alternatives for individuals affected by lung cancer.
  2. Forging global collaborations with patient advocacy groups, healthcare non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and national health ministries.
  3. Enhancing awareness among healthcare practitioners and the general populace about the profound impact of early detection on increasing survival rates in lung cancer cases.

People who are diagnosed with lung cancer gain hope through improved treatment options resulting from scientific advances. The IASLC Foundation exists to fund innovative research that leads to scientific advances in the detection and treatment of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. We need your help to fund our next round of researchers and their innovative projects.

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America's Proclamation on National Lung Cancer Awareness Month, 2023

This year, nearly 250,000 Americans will be diagnosed with lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. During National Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we honor the resilient people who have faced this diagnosis, the loved ones who rally to their side, and the medical professionals who do all they can to help patients survive and heal. We recommit to ending cancer as we know it by investing in new, affordable ways to prevent, detect, and treat this deadly disease. 


The 2023 IASLC Cancer Care Team Award recognizes extraordinary patient care in the field of thoracic malignancies. Awardees are nominated by patients and their loved ones.

Lung Cancer Considered Podcasts

WCLC 2023 Recap on Lung Cancer Considered

WCLC 2023 Recap

Lung Cancer Considered hosts Dr. Narjust Florez & Dr. Stephen Liu recap #WCLC23, discussing the meeting's most impactful research, including data presented on the MARS2, FLAURA2, TRIDENT, HERTHENA, & TROPION studies. With guests Dr. Stephanie Saw, from the National Cancer Center Singapore & Dr. Alfredo Addeo, from the University of Geneva.

Patient Advocacy Groups Podcast

Patient Advocacy Groups for NSCLC

Host Dr. Narjust Florez engages with three leading lung cancer patient advocates on the importance of patient advocacy groups, how these were formed, challenges when managing large patient advocacy groups and the future of patient advocacy in lung cancer. 

Lung Cancer Considered with Dr. Stephen Liu

Lung Cancer Screening Overview

Dr. Hilary Robbins, an epidemiologist with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and Dr. Brendon Stiles, chief of Thoracic Surgery and Surgical Oncology at Montefiore-Einstein Cancer Center in New York, join Lung Cancer Considered host Dr. Stephen Liu to discuss the current status of lung cancer screening research and challenges to implementing it on a national and international scale.

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The IASLC and Global Advocacy

Globally, lung cancer is the single most lethal cancer, accounting for 1.8 million deaths last year, yet research funding devoted to lung cancer pales in comparison to other cancer types. In this episode of Lung Cancer Considered, host Dr. Stephen Liu discusses how global advocacy might play a role in addressing this gap. His guest is Dr. Anne-Marie Baird, a cancer researcher at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Baird is the former Chair of the IASLC Communications Committee, and the newly appointed President of Lung Cancer Europe, a European platform for lung cancer advocacy.

#LCAM23 Shareable Facts

Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2023

Share facts about lung cancer to increase awareness with our downloadable fact cards!

LCAM News, Stories, and Reports

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Patient Perspective

When life-and-death decisions are at stake, will patients welcome AI to their care team? As part of ILCN's series on AI in Lung Cancer, Patient Advocate Angus Pratt Explores Issues...
Lung Cancer Trends Progress Report

Lung Cancer Screening | Cancer Trends Progress Report

In 2013, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s (USPSTF) recommended annual LDCT screening for lung cancer in adults aged 55 to 80 years who had a 30 pack-year smoking history...
Air Pollution and Lung Cancer

Air Pollution and Lung Cancer: A Review by IASLC Early Detection and Screening Committee

The second leading cause of lung cancer is air pollution. Air pollution and smoking are synergistic. Air pollution can worsen lung cancer survival.
The Lancet Oncology

Patient First; Person First | The Lancet Oncology

A cancer patient. A cancer case. Common terms, but ones that can have a great impact on patients and their mental health. By using disease-first language such as this, one can...

Spotlight on Stars

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Emi Bossi Bell
Emi Bossio Bell, a STARS patient advocate and board member of Lung Cancer Canada, has a powerful message for all of us... we all must work together toward ONE Challenge, ONE Cause, & ONE Community.
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Pierre Onda, MD
Dr. Pierre Onda extends an invitation to all to play a role in raising awareness for lung cancer. You can make a difference by becoming an advocate, sharing critical information on social media, engaging in lobbying efforts, supporting fundraising initiatives, or championing increased funding for lung cancer research. The opportunities are limitless.
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Tarunima Malik
Tarunima Malik, a STARS Patient Research Advocate (PRA) and compassionate caregiver from New Delhi, India, is on a mission to make a meaningful impact in the world of lung cancer advocacy!
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Dave Bjork
Dave Bjork, a 2023 STARS Scholar shares an "aha" moment when he met the incredible global STARS scholars and mentors at #WCLC23.
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Tim Monds
Tim Monds, 2023 STARS Participant says, "Together, we can all make a difference!" He shares more about his journey with the Give A Breath 5K Walk/Run in Canada.
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Chris Conneran
Chris Conneran, IASLC STARS 2023 Participant, shares the importance of the STARS program and what he has learned.
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Aileen Murgatroyd
Aileen Murgatroyd, a 2023 STARS Participant from the United Kingdom, passionately shares her dedication as a caregiver and advocate while promoting worldwide involvement.

Share Your Story

It's #LCAM23! This is your opportunity to "Share Your Story" about your journey as a lung cancer patient advocate, to share what inspired you to get involved in this work, and to share a significant moment in your advocacy journey so far. Please share a short promotional video to "Share Your Story" about the above-referenced topics, with the hope of inspiring and encouraging others who are part of the lung cancer community. Thank you for helping the IASLC generate awareness globally!

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Aditya Manna
Aditya Manna, a dedicated Patient Advocate and Cancer Navigator, opens up about his journey in rural India, shedding light on the challenges in dispelling misconceptions and battling stigma.
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Graham Hall
Graham Hall is a warrior in the battle against lung cancer! He's not just a patient; he's a beacon of hope, a lung cancer advocate, and a co-founder of ALK-Positive Australia. Graham's journey is a testament to the power of resilience, community, and collaboration. His story is a living example of how individuals coming together can lead to better outcomes for all affected by this disease.
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Annabelle Gurwitch
Annabelle Gurwitch is a New York Times Bestselling author, actress and activist who has been chronicling living with Stage IV lung cancer and inequities in healthcare during her out-of-the-blue diagnosis during COVID-19. She shares the importance of how the IASLC includes the patient's voice.

Resources for Caregivers

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