"Lung Cancer Considered" is the podcast of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. Tune in to "Lung Cancer Considered" each month for the latest research and news on the study of lung cancer. "Lung Cancer Considered" will feature the researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and advocates who are making a difference in the advancement of treatment of thoracic malignancies.

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Episode 4: Blood-Based Testing and the Evolution of Lung Cancer with Dr. David Gandara

Dr. David Gandara, Professor of Medicine and Senior Adviser to the Director of Medical Oncology at University of California Davis in Davis, CA, and past president of the IASLC, joins Dr. Jack West to discuss blood based testing for molecular interrogation, blood based assays for tumor mutational burden, and how the landscape of lung cancer and the IASLC have evolved.

Episode 3: A Conversation with Medical Oncologist Joan Schiller

Dr. Jack West is joined by Dr. Joan Schiller, medical oncologist with a focus on thoracic oncology, faculty of the University of Virginia and previous chair of the lung cancer committee for the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group. Dr. West and Dr. Schiller discuss new developments in the field, the results of the trial ECOG 1594, mentorship in oncology, and women's support and representation in the practice of lung cancer.

Episode 2: A Conversation With IASLC President Giorgio Scagliotti

IASLC president Dr. Giorgio Scagliotti joins Dr. Jack West for discussions on strategic goals of the IASLC and the evolution of staging efforts, the evolution in treating non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer, the status of screening efforts in Europe, and how patients are playing an active role in the study of lung cancer.

Episode 1: The Evolution of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Dr. Christine Hann and Dr. Stephen Liu join Dr. Jack West for a discussion on the advancement of therapies in small cell lung cancer.

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