March 2007

We are now moving quickly towards the next World Conference on Lung Cancer. We hope to see many abstracts submitted. The preliminary program and registration form are already open at

December 2006

The year of 2006 is soon coming to an end, and for IASLC it has been a very successful year. The Journal of Thoracic Oncology (JTO) has been launched and has developed successfully over the year. PUBMED approval is expecting to happen in early 2007 and all the published articles will then be retrospectively listed.

November 2006

The Board of Directors met in Turin, Italy on September, 2006, and several important decisions were made. Candidate to host the World Conference in 2011 were identified and IASLC is now undergoing detailed negotiations.

August 2006

For most of you in Europe, US and Canada the summer vacations will soon be over. We hope all of you had a good and healthy summer. A new IASLC season is starting with many exciting activities ahead.

June 2006

The IASLC Board of Directors met in Atlanta at the ASCO meeting and several new initiatives were proposed and approved, including a contract agreement with a public relations company, which will help the IASLC raise awareness for lung cancer on a global basis and make IASLC more visible and viable in the public and scientific communities.

April 2006

In April the IASLC Directory 2006 was mailed to all the members. If you have not received the directory or you have any corrections, please contact the IASLC Office,