In the past few years the use of e-cigarettes has increased rapidly in the US, with some tobacco control experts projecting that e-cigarette sales could surpass sales of traditional cigarettes in the near future. This rapid rise has stimulated a vigorous debate in the tobacco control community over the potential public health impact of these products and about how best to regulate them. Some argue that e-cigarettes may help tobacco cessation efforts, others argue that these products may lead to nicotine addiction among youth, which may lead to use of conventional cigarettes. However, elucidating the relationship between e-cigarette use and future health outcomes is complicated by challenges in the accurate measurement of e-cigarette use and correlates of use.

April 2015 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

At the time of this writing, I am attending the “First IASLC Workshop on Small Cell Lung Cancer”, which is held in New York City. This is a landmark event for IASLC!

The Prevent Cancer Foundation and IASLC (International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer) are proud to announce one 2-year Fellowship program.

The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer and the American Thoracic Society will have a joint session at the ATS annual meeting in Denver May 15-20.

The HHH Award is launched this year to recognise the lifetime contribution of Prof Heine H. Hansen to lung cancer research and education globally. Prof Hansen was a president of ESMO, a founder of IASLC and a mentor to many in the field of lung cancer. The HHH Award will be presented annually by representatives of both organisations at ELCC, where the awardee will give a keynote lecture.

March 2015 Newsletter

Déjà vu? If immune-oncology is the new gospel for patients with advanced stage NSCLC, Naiyer Rizvi must be one of the key disciples who spread the good news.