Cancer Care Team Award

Excellence as defined by the patient.

Exceptional care for patients with lung cancer is not limited to interactions with any one specialist or care center. Oftentimes delivery of patient care is at its best when multidisciplinary team members offer the patient seamless and informed communication, as well as an individualized treatment plan based on not just the patient’s needs but the patient’s wishes. Knowing that this type of stellar care is happening around the world every day, the IASLC Cancer Care Team Award recognizes these multidisciplinary teams, as nominated by the patients they serve. What more prestigious honor could there be?

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Highlighting Worldwide Outstanding Care

We invite and encourage individual patients with lung cancer and their caregivers to nominate a multidisciplinary care team who they feel provided exceptional care. A nomination can include up to six individuals from the care team (e.g., oncologist, surgeon, nurse, palliative care provider, etc.). Nominations are accepted from all around the world. 

Please note that for these purposes, caregivers are defined as non-healthcare professionals who are family members or friends of the patient.

Pictured In the photo is the 2019 Overall Winner from the Asia/Rest of the World region—the Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Management team from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India.

2020 Cancer Care Team Awards

Nominate an Exceptional Multidisciplinary Care Team

March 18, 2021

Nominations Open 

May 24, 2021

Nominations Close 


  • Trust
  • Shared decision making
  • Empathy
  • Access to care
  • Treatment options
  • Educational information
  • Tumor testing
  • Patient Support & survivorship


An international panel chooses one winning team from each of the four regions - North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia/Rest of World. From the four winning teams, an overall winner is selected by the IASLC Past President.    

2020 Overall Winning Team

Mt. Sinai Hospital North America 2020 Cancer Care Award Winners

Mount Sinai Hospital

New York, New York

  • Andrea Wolf, MD    
  • Marissa Senise, NP    
  • Jorge Gomez, MD    
  • Jessica Fernandez, PAA7    
  • Thomas Marron, MD, PhD    
  • Stephanie Lehrman, LCSW    
  • Kenneth Rosenzweig, MD

2020 Regional Winning Teams

Asia 2020 Cancer Care Team Award Winners

Beilinson Hospital - Rabin Medical Center

Latin America  2020 Cancer Care Team Award Winners

Instituto De Oncologia 'Angel H. Roffo'

2020 Cancer Care Team Award Winners Europe

Klinikum Würzburg Mitte

Past Winners

  • Nucle de Oncologia da Bahia, Portugal
  • University of Chicago, United States
  • Prince of Wales Hospital, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  • University of Turin, Italy

Overall Winner 

Latin America 

Nucleo de Oncologia da Bahia (NOB) 

  • Dr. Eldsamira Mascarenhas 
  • Angela Banderia 
  • Tatiane Souza 
  • Felipe Gomes 
  • Edilene Dias
  • Leonardo Correia Santana 
  • Neila Pereira 
  • Ricardo Oliveira 
  • Marilia Cardoso 
  • Tercia Reis  
  • Dr. Almiro Queiroz 
  • Clarissa Mathias 
  • Gildete Lessa 
  • Ana Carla Franco 
  • Mare-lia Pereira 
  • Edilene Souza 
  • Bruno Protasio 
  • Sergio Tadeu 

Asia & Rest of World 

Prince of Wales Hospital, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

  • Dr. Herbert Loong 
  • Prof. Tony Mok 
  • Ms. Kwai-tung Lai (Dong)
  • Mr. Ka-Wah Chu 
  • Ms. Hang-ching Au (Asti) 
  • Mr. Stephen Kai-Chiu Man
  • Ms. Jane Koh 
  • Ms. Sherlaine Yau 
  • Mr. Terence Ho
  • Dr. Linda Leung 
  • Dr. Ashley Wong 
  • Dr. Kwok-chi Lam 
  • Dr. Annette Poon 

North America 

University of Chicago 

  • Jyoti D. Patel, MD, FASCO, Professor of Medicine 
  • Brittany Beach, MS, PA-C
  • Katelyn Edgington, RN, BSN 
  • Livia Szeto, BSN, RN, OCN 
  • Jessee Porter
  • Dr. Christine Bestvina, Assistant Professor 


University of Turin - AOU San Luigi Hospital - Orbassano (Torino) - Italy - WALCE

  • Prof. Silvia Novello, Pulmonologist and Oncologist
  • Dr. Maria Vittoria Pacchiana, Psychoncologist
  • Dr. Simona Carnio, Oncologist D
  • r. Marco Busso, Radiologist
  • Dr. Enrica Capelletto, Pulmonologist
  • Stefania Vallone, Pt Advocate



Asia & Rest of World

  • Yi-Long Wu, MD
  • Dr. Qing Zhou, MD, PhD
  • Xuchao Zhang, MD, PhD
  • Dr. Jinji Yang, MD, PhD
  • Dr. Wenzhao Zhong, MD, PhD
  • Hong-Hong Yan, MD

 Latin America

  • Dr. Carlos Gil Ferreira, PhD
  • Dr. Tatiane Montella, MD
  • Bruna Carvalho
  • Juliana Vasconcellos
  • Giselle Fraga


  • Tadeusz Orlowski
  • Maciej Krzakowski, MD, PhD
  • Renata Langfort
  • Dariusz Kowalski
  • Rafał Krenke, MD, PhD, Prof.

North America

  • Dr. Russell Hales, MD
  • Christine Hann, MD, PhD
  • Amy Vance, CRNP
  • Hanika Rodavia, RN, BSN, MSN

North America

  • Dr. Philip Bonomi, MD, MS
  • Irene Haapoja, RN, MSN
  • Mary Ellen Hand, RN, BSN
  • Dr. Gaurav Marwaha, MD
  • Dr. Michael Liptay
  • Dr. David Sher, MD
  • Sarah Anderson, RN, OCN, WCC
  • Dr. Aidnag Diaz, MD, MPH
  • Jeanne Kapturski
  • Emily Rubenstein, RN
  • Dr. Mary Jo Fidler
  • Susana Banda, RN
  • Dr. Pen Faber MD
  • Dr. Palmi Shah MD