Research Funding Opportunities

Adequate research funding is key to furthering developments in lung cancer treatment.
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Through partnering with foundations, nonprofits, corporations and individual donors, the International Lung Cancer Foundation provides funding opportunities each year to facilitate research advances and save lives. 

Upcoming Awards

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Young Investigator Awards

For investigators who are ready to begin independent research studies, ILC Foundation offers numerous awards on an annual cycle, dependent on geographic region of applicant. These one-year awards are for $50,000 in research funding.

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ILCF Fellowships

Exclusive to fellows, these awards provide $50,000 for a one-year research project. Opportunities are numerous and based on geographic region of applicant.

Applications Accepted

December 2020 Cycle

December 15, 2020-February 1, 2021

June 2021 Cycle

June 15-July 31, 2021

June Awards Cycle

The ILCF John’s Legacy Fellowship Award provides $50,000 to fund a one-year research project focused on improving early detection and screening of lung cancer. Candidates must be at the post-doctoral level (MD, DO, PhD, or PharmD) and must be in fellowship training or its equivalent for the duration of the award funding. In addition, candidates must be mentored by a Principal Investigator who agrees to supervise the candidate and project if selected. Both the candidate and the PI must be members of the IASLC. This Award is open to candidates worldwide; there are no geographic or citizenship requirements.

The LCFA/BMS/ILCF Young Investigator Award in Translational Immuno-oncology provides up to $200,000 to fund two-year research projects focused on translational immuno-oncology and undertaken by investigators who aim to improve the care and treatment of individuals with lung cancers. Candidates must hold a doctoral degree (MD, DO, PhD or equivalent) and have completed a post-doctoral fellowship or similar training. In addition, they must be independent, self-directed researchers who are no more than seven years from first appointment at the assistant or associate professor level. This Award is open to candidates worldwide; there are no geographic or citizenship requirements.

Donate to Support Research

Donations from patients, caregivers, and those individuals passionate about accelerating the pace of lung cancer research, as well as from our organization and corporate partners, go directly to funding our Research Awards. These Research Awards provide early-career researchers with vital funding opportunities, fostering both tomorrow's lung cancer visionaries and milestones in patient care.