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The IASLC offers several opportunities for your organization to support our conferences, programs, and scientific projects. Explore more information on our current opportunities below.

Empower Our Early Career Program

IASLC Early Career Program

IASLC Early Career Program 

The IASLC Early Career Program is a global initiative focused on providing early career members with professional development and mentoring opportunities. Our Early Career Program includes the following components: IASLC Academy, IASLC International Mentorship, and IASLC Early Career Education Grants. More details on each component are provided below. 


The IASLC Patient Advocacy Program is a global initiative focused on providing people with lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies with opportunities to advocate for research, attend educational conferences, form relationships with physicians and care providers, lend their voices through committee involvement, and share their stories through speaking opportunities. Our Patient Advocacy Program includes the following components:

  • Patient Advocate Committee
  • Cancer Care Team Award
  • STARS Program
  • Patient Advocate Education Awards

Participate in the Corporate Roundtable

Our Corporate Roundtable brings IASLC leadership and Roundtable Member Representatives together to collaborate on solutions to big-picture challenges facing those working to conquer lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. 

SPONSOR Upcoming Meetings


IASLC 2023 North America Conference on Lung Cancer

The NACLC 2023 is a dynamic meeting with a long tradition and will feature the most up-to-date research, diverse topics of interest, and educational sessions with leading experts. The Conference is an amazing opportunity to network across disciplines with other individuals in careers focused on thoracic malignancies while learning about the latest developments in prevention, detection, and care with novel data presentations. 

TTLC 2024

IASLC 2024 Targeted Therapies of Lung Cancer

The IASLC Targeted Therapies of Lung Cancer Meeting is a dynamic meeting with a long tradition. Meeting presenters will summarize the data on relevant targets for new therapies and share data on preclinical and early clinical data for each of the drugs directed against these targets.

Support Lung Cancer Considered

Lung Cancer Considered is the official podcast of the IASLC. Listeners tune in for conversations with clinicians, researchers, healthcare professionals, patients, and advocates who are making a difference in treating thoracic cancers. Enjoy new, timely, informational, and engaging episodes on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.


WCLC News Spread

Rather than just reporting on lung cancer data as it is released, ILCN aims to provide the nuanced perspectives on relevant and timely topics that thoracic oncology care providers need in their daily practices. From major meeting coverage to incremental movements of the needle in patient care, ILCN provides the analysis and insights every thoracic oncology specialist needs regardless of their country of practice or subspecialty. The ILCN provides a year-round opportunity to promote new and existing brands with added exposure for exhibit, event, and brand promotion at IASLC conferences held throughout the year

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