Patient Advocacy

Amplifying the patient voice to improve the speed and quality of research. The IASLC is proud to support and partner with various patient advocacy groups, patient research advocates, and patient advocates from around the globe.
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The past decade has shown tremendous advances in the care of patients with lung cancer. With improved survival comes the opportunity for patients to become survivors who advocate for research by attending conferences, forming relationships with physicians and care providers, and lending their voices through committee involvement and speaking opportunities. The IASLC offers several opportunities to help transform patients into patient research advocates.

Success Story

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A Journey Unlike Any Other: Jill Feldman
"My story started long before I was diagnosed. When I was 13, I had lost two grandparents to lung cancer within weeks of diagnosis and within weeks of each other. Six months after losing his own father, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he died 3 months later at the age of 41."

See Advocates at Work

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month: What "Hope" means to Dusty Donaldson
Lung cancer patient advocate and survivor tells a story of hope about a long-time survivor friend.

Advocacy Opportunities for IASLC Members

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Cancer Care Team Award

Nominate your care team for outstanding provision of care.

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Learn how to read journal articles, understand clinical trial design, and communicate effectively with scientists and physicians regarding novel research. Apply to STARS today.

Patient Advocate Committee

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Apply for a position on the IASLC Patient Advocate Committee.

Pair Up With an IASLC Patient Advocate Partner

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Contact us at [email protected] to be paired with an advocacy group based on your patient story.

Become a Member

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Contact us about the complimentary membership for patients and advocates.

Advocacy Partner Spotlight

We proudly partner with 13+ advocacy organizations to advance the care of patients with lung cancer in patient-driven ways that focus on quality of care and quality of life.
Mountain Foundation
Mountain Foundation for Education & Research in Lung Cancer
"I share all of the information from those types of experiences with all of my lung cancer patient advocacy groups including the Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan of the State of California, for which I am helping to develop the lung cancer portion of the 2021-2025 Cancer Plan." — Merel Nissenberg
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Lung Cancer Awareness Month
Global Lung Cancer Coalition
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Tools for Advocate Involvement

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Learn about novel research and clinical care advances.
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Featured Meeting

Learn about novel research and clinical care advances.
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Share Your Story of Your Patient Research Advocate Journey

Learn about novel research and clinical care advances.

Interested in Learning More with the IASLC for Advocacy Efforts/Program?

Interested in Learning More about the IASLC's Advocacy Programs? Contact us at [email protected] to meet our advocacy-focused staff, share your story, and learn more about advocacy opportunities

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The International Lung Cancer Foundation is excited about our newest donation functionality: recurring monthly donations! Donors now have the option to make their donations monthly recurring donations with just a few clicks of their mouse.

To help kick off our recurring donations program, we’re asking YOU to give five: $5 (or more!) each month for the next five months (or more!). If 5% of our members (approximately 400 people) gave five, we would raise USD 10,000 to inspire hope through research. Every dollar donated to the ILCF supports our Research Awards program, a global education initiative providing Fellowships and Young Investigator Awards that fund innovative research in lung cancer.